Posted by: Jo | August 6, 2010

Discussions: Favorite Job Member

Who is your favorite GACKTJob member (past or present)?

Ugh, I adore a lot of the Job boys, really. They’re all so different and amazing… sorry for the hard questions again XD;;

My favorite of GACKT’s family has got to be YOU. I mean what’s not to love about him? He’s sweet, cheerful, laughs in the most adorable way (I mean besides GACKT’s), an unexpected pervert, and he knows how to rock out on the guitar and the violin. He is a complete anime otaku and a great photographer… he also loves food and constantly talks about sweets (much to GACKT’s dismay I’m sure xD; ).
But I think the main reason why I really like YOU-san is because of his relationship with GACKT. They’ve been best friends for 18 years and no matter what, YOU is always by GACKT’s side.

I adore their bromance xD; and I’m really thankful that GACKT has someone as great as YOU to count on ❤

Suggestions for future Discussion topics are always welcomed =]



  1. I’m torn between YOU and Chacha ❤
    i just can't decide sorry,
    they are just so unique adorable and charming on their own way that I'm equally delighted by them <3<3<3

    • aleksandrajabla: Haha that’s okay, they really all are great in their own way~
      I do admit I’ve been really into Chacha as of late lol

  2. *Sigh* I need easier questionssss! XD

    Anyway, I have to say that I don’t know much about GACKTJob (personality wise) so It’s pretty hard to choose. Um…but you mentioned good qualities about YOU, so he seems pretty awesome (makes me wanna hang out with him because I love Anime…and sweets~ xD). I also like Chacha’s, and Chirolyn’s hair, so therefore they’re awesome! As for JUN-JI, I mean the guy has vampire teeth…how could you not love that?! XD

    • Victoria: Well, you could always suggest a question (hint: please suggest a question. I’m going to run out XDDDD)

      I’m really happy that Job is so equally diverse that it’s hard to choose just one 😀

  3. YOU for the same reasons as you!!

  4. I agree completely with Jo about YOU. The deep friendship is especially interesting when you consider how the two first met.

    • Margaret: I’ll say LOL

  5. I’ll have to agree with you as well, Jo. You is my fave too, mainly ’cause of his awsome violin skills (it’s so hard to play lol). Closely followed by Ju-Ken though he’s just awsome lol.

    • un[Beautiful]: Ugh, don’t get me started on Ju-ken, I love that man ❤

  6. this is the most difficult question yet…… i want to say YOU, but then i think about how cool cha cha is, how unpradicatable (in a funny way) chirolyn is and how crazy (but soooo talented) jun-ji can be on the drums, i can’t decide!!!!! by sister thinks chacha is the best 😛 -just a little side note ^_^

    • Beth: Haha they’re all great ne?

  7. IMPOSSIBLE to answer! They are all amazing, but let’s face it, they wouldn’t be with GACKT if they weren’t right! You is so gorgeous and sexy with an award winning smile, Chacha is amazingly beautiful and agile, Chirolyn was just outrageous at the Europe concerts and involved us loads so gotta love him, and jun-ji is fun and saucy. It’s a close one between You and Chach on the fanciable stakes, but I have to admit when they are on stage I still have trouble tearing my eyes away from the man himself!

    • Shazzer: Haha so true~
      xDD I know, Gackt tends to overpower them unless they’re directly in your line of sight lol

  8. Awww, that’s a difficult question :/
    My best friend would definitely say Chacha xD
    But I love all of them, I can’t decide~

  9. You is probably my favourite, too. Great support base for our G. That and his nine*nine interview was freakin’ hilarious XD

    • Nikki: Oh those two are quite a pair lol ❤

  10. Mwhaha I love these discussions XD

    Hmm, probably between YOU and Cha-Cha. I don’t really know that much about them. If I had to pick, probably YOU. He looks so adorable and I think it’s great that him and Gackt have been friends for 18 years. I love the fact that he plays the violin aswell. He plays beautifully.

  11. This is difficult. I think all JOB members are great. I can’t choose just one, so it’s gonna be You, Ju-ken, Chacha and Junji. I have to say that the difference in their ranking is very minimal. Love You-sama for his violin skills and I really find him cool especially when I got to watch him in Platinum Boxes. I find Ju-ken-sama ruggedly handsome, kindda naughty and cool. Chachamaru-sama is quite elegant and refined. He has such a regal aura. Junji-sama is just funny and carefree. Of course, they’re awesome when they make music with their respective instruments.

    • Teya: I must admit, my ideal Job line-up include those members you mentioned. Forgive me Chirolyn, but Ju-ken stole my heart as bassist T^T…

  12. YOU!!! Definitely him… He can be such a cutie… I will wan him as a pet!!! but the oni person tt have the power to do so is GACKT~sama!!!
    but…. unexpected pervert??? Is he??? I’m not too sure bout tt… But sure… He is the most lovable one among them if you ask me… and… He is also one of those few that is taller than our GACKT~sama…. 😛

    PS: pls dun scold me for wat I’ve written… No offence and I do mean them.. 😛

  13. YOU hands down! I love the other members of JOB, but YOU is second only to the god Himself.

  14. It’s got to be YOU. I, like Jo, really love his relationship with Gackt – it’s quirky and just a little bit strange how they completely get each other, lol.

    But when watching the members on stage, I’m always fascinated with Chacha. Almost every single time a closeup is shown of him, he always has this huge, radiant smile on his face… there aren’t many people who you can tell are completely in love with performing. Aside from Gackt himself, I would say Chacha is completely enthralling because he’s so expressive on stage.

    (I also, however, think Ju-ken is sexy as hell. just sayin’.)

    • janga201: Haha, as Gackt said – he’s a toybox and You is in charge of making sense of things. XD
      Chacha just brings an amazing, wonderful vibe to every performance. It’s hard not to love him or smile back you know?

      (Don’t tell Gackt but I find him attractive as well. XD)

  15. Before the live in Munich I would have said Chachamaru, definately. The man’s got SKILLS and his singing isn’t too bad either (love his solo album).
    Now having stood right in front of You, I think he turned me into a helpless little fangirl ^^ You is pure sex on stage and I love his spirit!
    I cannot decide…it’s a tie between Cha’s skills and You’s personality. >_>

  16. Yikawa– by “perverted” if you mean that there is some kind of romantic-thing going on between G and YOU, I doubt it. I think that the two just like to kid around and get fans’ attention by doiing silly things. But, Gackt does have a perverted sense of humor that makes us chuckle or roll our eyes, doesn’t he?

  17. Margaret: the “unexpected pervert” is quoted from Jo’s initial posting… Cuz as far as I know… YOU doesn’t seems to be a pervert though GACKT will sometimes jokes on him… So, I’m actually clarifying it with Jo… Thanks for the help anyway!!!

    • Yikiwa: Sorry for that confusion n.n;;
      I meant it as in You-san has a dirty mind and is just as perverted as Gackt, if not more – I didn’t mean it in the “romance” way lol. He doesn’t seem like it because he’s much quieter than Gackt on stage but I’ve heard stories about those two and they are just ridiculous, the things they do together xD; Besides, there’s no way You can’t be just a little perverted with a best friend like Gackt haha!

  18. YOU! but I also love Chacha alot, kinda torn between those two xD

    • taionaoi: You know it seems like everyone is either a You or Chachamaru fangirl, how interesting~~

  19. You!!! He’s such a great friend to GACKT and he’s so… pretty! Like, really pretty! (but not as pretty as Gackt, of course). I remember the first live performance I watched on youtube was REDEMPTION and I was instantly attracted to You. I was like, oh wow! He looks really nice! And then I watched Mizerable and was blown away by his violin skills. I really really love the violin, but I sadly play the piano (not that it’s bad or anything). Haha and then I went on his blog and found out he plays Final Fantasy. O_O Holy beeping shit!! You is just awesome. ❤

    • Aqua: You is just an awesome combination of skills and dorkism. Much like G xD

  20. After the YFC Bochum concert definitively YOU ♥. I was standing in the second row right in front of him and he is a really really really charming boy, not only pretty on the outside, but from his smile I think I could see a glimpse of his beautiful inside. He is a sunshine! He appears as really nice and friendly, the dream of every mother-in-law xD xD xD and I don’t mean that as a bad thing, it’s nice to see a person like that in the “rough rock business”. And what I saw from the Platinum Boxes confirms this for me.
    Furthermore I like ChaCha because he is such a nice mama xD to the whole Gackt gang, Ju-ken because I think he is a great guy to hang around with, a good pal type, you know…
    As for the others I am not quite sure, Jun-Ji is pretty funny, Chirolyn, hmmm… I still have to get used to him somehow.

    • Nagao: LOL that is a perfect description, the dream of every mother-in-law… xD
      Mom, older sister, nanny… Chacha has such a big job to do as band leader XD

      It’s a little harder to say how Chirolyn is, only because he’s the new guy. But he does seem to love performing and interactin with the audience.. and is quite unpredictable, from what I heard of him pulling his pants down at lives xD

  21. You have to love all of them, that’s a truth. ❤
    But I adore Chacha most of all because of some different reasons.
    His personality of course. ❤
    His hair. ❤ (c'mon, he looks gorgeous xD)
    I love it when he laughs. **
    His guitar skills too and… I'm unsure~ there are so many feelings towards him.
    Since I saw him at the live in Munich I really turned into sth I never wanted to be = a screaming, blushing fangirl with much, much love for a man I never get to know well. xD
    But – shit happens. ;3.
    And we all know that's a great thing. ❤

    • Ophelia: Welcome to Camui Love!
      All very excellent reasons. And let’s be honest, that hair drives everyone crazy xD

  22. Hmm…suggest a question… *thinks*

    How about asking something like…how did you first discover GACKT? Or something along those lines? I dunno, I’m horrible at thinking of stuff like that haha. xD

    • Victoria: Oh good! I thought of that as well but thought it was lame, so if someone else thought so too then it can’t be too bad =D;;;
      Thank yooou~

  23. I agree with Victoria’s suggestion. I was actually thinking along those lines. I’m always interested in stories on how someone discovered G. Where I am, not many people know of Gackt and Gacktjob and I feel blessed that I got to know him and his wonderful music.

    My suggestions would be,
    – When did you realize you’re actually getting addicted to Gackt?
    – If you are given 3 questions to ask G and Job, what would you ask them?
    – If you will be given a day or two to be with G in your country, which places would you show him and the food you’d like him to try? (This can be applicable to your favorite Job member too :))
    – Which non-Gackt song would you like him to sing? (Something like G doing a Frank Sinatra or a Jack Johnson :P)
    – Which G song would you choose if he should release a single in the US or UK mainstream? Which song do you think would catch the attention of non-G fans?

    Sorry for so many suggestions, it’s just that I really enjoy hearing opinions and stories from people who know and love G and Job. 🙂

    • Teya: Oh I’m happy we all like that question then, good good~ xD
      And thank you for your suggestions, I’ll be sure to use them later on :3
      No apologies, this makes it much easier for me because I don’t have to be the only one coming up with topics xD

  24. Oooh those are some really good suggestions both Victoria and Teya ^.^

    What about “what’s your fave Gackt hairstyle and why?” LOL. I love his hair 😛

    • Nicola: Ugh, I love you guys for having the same ideas ❤

  25. We should mash up all these suggestions and make it one big one~ 🙂

    • Victoria: Wooaaah there buddy, that would be one massive epic post of epicness. I don’t want to cause a fangirl overload here XDD

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