Posted by: Jo | August 6, 2010

Fan Project – Irreplaceable Flower now open~!!

I failed to keep updating on important dates with Project G but I’ll make sure to update on this one.

Anywho, the site is now live so make sure to check it out!
Irreplaceable Flower

You can still keep sending in messages, but the deadline is before August 11th, as the project’s leader pyroyale will have printed them out by that day and will be leaving them in the gift box for GACKT at the live in Sendai.
Please note that this is only the deadline for getting your message onto the site so that it can be printed out and handed to GACKT at the live – you can still keep sending in love and kiai as long as you want to.

The promo team has also been cranking out banners, .gifs, and videos like crazy, so make sure to check them out when you have the time~
Here are a few examples (thanks to spaceprincess18 for the vid!):

Thanks to artcika for the .gif!



  1. The site looks incredible, It really came together nicely~ 😀

  2. They’ve done a fantastic job with this site,you can see how hard they all worked and the love they’ve put into it!!! I sent my message early and I think it’s number fifty there!! It’s been great reading everyones messages of love,encouragement and admiration.I’m sure he will be moved by his overseas Dears love!!

    • ann: Mine’s in there, I have no idea what number though lol
      If he isn’t already, this will help tenfold ^___^

  3. Wow, the site is great 🙂 They’ve done a really good job. I love the site banner at the top of the page. It’s fab.

    My message is in there too! XD It’s number 46. I’m so happy ^.^

    I’m sure he will be thrilled by the love and support from all his fans. Everyone’s messages are lovely.

  4. My message is number 52. 🙂 I’m sure he’ll love this site, It’s so much better than flooding his inbox. xD

    • Victoria: True true~ Of course, I’ll still send him an email every once in a while n/n;

  5. Hahah me too~ *shifty eyes* they’ll be filled with G graphics… >.<

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