Posted by: Jo | August 6, 2010

GACKT – Fool’s Mate 2010.09 Scans

Thanks to darkness_kai for the scans!
Fool’s Mate 2010.09 Scans



  1. *Steals picture number six* >.<

  2. Haha, yep that’s my fave picture too! ^.^

  3. *Plays tug of war with Victoria over sexy picture of Gackt* XD

  4. Hahaha wait! *Pulls out mini scanner/printer – scans sexy picture* now there are sexy GACKT pictures~! ^_^

  5. Hehe. All hail sexy pictures of Gackt XD
    There should be more topless ones ^.^

  6. Ohh I know~ he needs a whole topless photoshoot! *_*

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