Posted by: Jo | August 12, 2010

Fan Project – Irreplaceable Flower Update

Thank you everyone! You support in this project is amazing and heartfelt and wouldn’t be possible without you~!

Most of the messages on the site have been printed out and were safely delivered to the present box at the live in Sendai ^__^
But it’s by no means the end of this project:
The site continues to make improvements and changes as well as adding more and more messages as they keep coming in.

If the project receives enough, a second batch will be printed out and delivered to the YFC Swimsuit Final, so keep spreading the word around~!
Irreplaceable Flower Community Site
Irreplaceable Flower Official Site


  1. I’m so proud of this project~ I hope it continues to keep growing! ^.^

  2. Me too! I hope we see a blogged response to it, too. Or at least a little Post-Script like Project G merited. I think I might just die if all of our feelings were acknowledged as a whole like that.

  3. Omg yes, that’d be amazing! I’d die too haha~ xD

  4. I guess I should start working on what I want to do! (I’m so lazy X-P )

    • jess: Haha better get on that then!

      … Have I ever welcomed you here before o-o;;?

  5. They better print out a second batch! I sent my message in quite a while ago, and no new updates have been made to the site!

    • Alex: They’re working on it I’m sure, just a little bit slowly n.n;

  6. Thanks Jo,I love going in and reading the wonderful things people have written.I’ll never get tired of reading those messages,I’m sure they will give GACKT strength to go on!!!

    • ann: Welcome Ann~
      I’m sure they will too n.n

  7. They updated =)

  8. HE SAW THE FAN VIDEO~!!!!!! *Dies* 😮

    • Victoria: I’m about to make a post 8D

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