Posted by: Jo | August 13, 2010

Gackt Blog 2006.01.24, 2006.05.10, 2007.05.01, 2007.05.19, 2007.05.31, & 2007.06.03

I haven’t done these in a while and I feel a sudden urge to pick up the pace again…
*makes a note to do these weekly as well*
Hopefully the more often I do these, the closer we can get to those BUNRAKU blogs and to the present time, yes~

2006.01.24 – Gackt was sick for a little while, but his older sister came by to help him get better ❤

2006.05.10 – Gackt was in Thailand for a bit and talks about building the perfect body

2007.05.01 – Still trying to fix his computer and a little babble on horseback riding for Furin Kazan

2007.05.19 – Filming for Returner’s PV has ended and Gackt is extremely excited to show it to everyone~

2007.05.31 – Gackt treats himself to pasta for the first time in a long while and talks a bit about a photoshoot for FK.

2007.06.03 – Even with an intense working schedual for FK, Gackt still manages to find time to work on his music, study languages, and etc etc.

Thanks to uranus-sama for translating!



  1. whaaa so cool! Thanks so much

    • unofficialdear: You’re welcome n.n

  2. this is great! thanks~

    • jess: You’re welcome =]

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