Posted by: Jo | August 17, 2010

BUNRAKU listed on TIFF + Pics!

Well it’s official now!
TIFF has updated their movie list, making the premiere of BUNRAKU a sure-fire thing. There is also a plot synopsis and some official movie photos on the site, so make sure to check those out!

Thanks to ryuik for the heads up – here’s the link to the official page :3

High-resolution versions of the first images from the movie can be found here:

P.S. Check out this great tweet about out GACKT lol:
Keith Calder’s GACKT Tweet



  1. Finally, a picture of G in BUNRAKU~! *Dies of happiness* T_T Although…the storyline doesn’t appeal to me that much. But I’m sure it’ll be great because G’s in it, and by the sounds of the description, G seems to have a pretty decent role! ^_^

    • Victoria: He’s so dashing as a samurai *____*
      Well, he is the protagonist’s sidekick… so yeah, pretty decent role LOL

  2. Dashing indeed! Now I just wish PA was closer to Canada. -.-;

  3. Yay! Finally! I was beginning to think Bunraku was never coming out. Now if someone would just give us the release date. GACKT looks terrific in his Samurai clothes, but he always does! GACKT might just conquer the world after-all.

  4. Thanks for the HQ picture link :-)!!!
    I posted this news in the dears LJ community this morning but only knew the pics from the TIFF site. So: wooow, a niiice samurai pic in HQ, wooow ♥ ♥ ♥. I’m in love ;-).

  5. Thanks Jo and Ryuik for this,hopefully this means it will be out in the cinemas soon!!! The picture of GACKT is great he looks gorgeous in his Samurai costume!!

  6. I think if he wasn’t already a vampire, Gackt would be a samurai ^.^ He makes a very sexy samurai. Dashing is certainly the word. Oooh I wanna be rescued by samurai Gackt ^.~

    Hehe I bet by the end of the movie everyone will be like “I’m sorry… Josh who?” Can’t wait for this movie! 😀

  7. Since it’s showing next year, we fans would have been waiting 3 years when it is finally released. Wow. Can’t wait for our GACKT to be introduced to the world!!!

  8. Lol that tweet is so funny/true. xD

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