Posted by: Jo | August 20, 2010

Discussions: Favorite Concert

What is your favorite concert/VISUALIVE from GACKT?

Sorry these questions don’t get any easier n.n;;
After much internal debate, my favorite live of GACKT’s has got to be his first official VISUALIVE, Requiem et Reminiscence II ~Chikon to Saisei~
The hard work that was put into this live is beyond amazing, and I was so incredibly proud to see GACKT finally produce what is the closest he’s ever gotten to fulfilling his image of a VISUALIVE. To see that all his hard work of being a solo artist for the past 10 years can be accumulated into something like this… it’s not perfect of course, but I can’t help but be so enamored with it regardless. Besides, I’m a little biased considering I started this site around the same time the tour began, I’ve covered every detail of it I could get my hands on, and I actually attended one of the live dates LOL so it forever holds a special place in my heart.
Of course, the favoritism for this is just a teeny bit higher than the other lives, because let’s face it – every GACKT tour is amazing in it’s own way ne? ❤

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]

P.S. I don’t know if you guys still keep up with it, but more YFC Reports keep coming up, this time for the final ones in Japan… although the lives are more or less the same, there are a few interesting things to note, like fake tattoos, being interviewed by staff, and more ;D



  1. My favorite was and still is “Diablos”. However, I also like the straight out rock of “Are You Fried Chickenz?”

  2. I really really love Requiem et Reminiscence II ~Chikon to Saisei~, it quickly replaced The Sixth Day & Seventh Night as soon as I watched it all. Although The Sixth Day & Seventh Night still is special because it was my first ever Gackt thing I owned. ❤

  3. Hmm, Diabolos holds a special place in my heart because it was the first one I ever watched (LOL whenever I see the word “ever” I start cracking up.) but The Sixth Day Seventh Night one has so many of my favourite songs. >< I was never good at choosing favourites, so I pick both!

  4. these questions just get tougher and tougher ~~
    MARS has a special place in my heart… Drug Party is super hot * 3*….
    but really, each and every one of them has something (more than one something for sure!) that is just mind blowing when you think ‘this is a concert’. No other musician that I know of goes to such lengths to project their internal image for us. You can even see this passion being pushed out in the MM concerts back in the day. I have no doubt it was GACKT saying, more, more~! we have to show them more!

  5. Requiem et Reminiscence II.

  6. I’m back again. ^_^

    Hmmm…tough question…but I think I have to go with Drug Party, because it was the first concert I ever saw of that wonderful man…For the first time in my life, a concert made me laugh, sweat (*ahem*) and even cry at the end…I’ll never forget that rendition Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume…

    Of course, I quickly learned that all of Gackt’s concerts are just as moving and deep and thoughtful and beautiful…just like Gackt himself.

    And…I’ve completely forgot what the question was now. n///n Ah, favorite concert! So, yeah, my answer is Drug Party. ❤


  7. my favorite concert is The Sixth days and Seventh Nights Final concert 2004, Diabolos 2005, Training Drug Party 2006, and RR2 2008-2009.

  8. Hmmmm it would have Requiem et Reminiscence II, but alas the sound is not great on that dvd, not being synced with the video quite right and not having balanced all the instrument quite right (they all seem quite muted compared to Gackt voice).

    So my final choice will have to be the Sixth Day and Seventh Night, covers a wide range of his music and also has a few of his unplugged song which I love.

  9. I think I like RRII the most … but Daibolos and The Sixth Day & Seventh Night are awesome concerts too. Each concert has somehow something indescribable in itself.

  10. The Sixth Day and Seventh Night was the first concert of G that I was able to watch and I found it awesome. After that, I was craving for more. There’s so much energy in each of his concert that it’s really hard to choose just one. I think that just one answer would not be enough for questions about G. 🙂 Anyway, although SDSN would always be among my favorites, I would have to go for Drug Party. It was the first time I saw him playing the drums and it blew me away. How can one guy be so talented? He sings, plays the piano, guitars, drums, he composes his own music and he is gorgeous.

  11. Heh another difficult but awesome question.

    *sigh* This is hard becuase I automatically want to say YFC London as I was there and nothing can compare to actually seeing him in the flesh.

    But saying that, I got the Diabolos tour dvd recently. I’ve watched it and can honestly say I wish I had heard of Gackt years ago; I would have given anything to be there. The work he must have had to put into that concert I can’t even imagine.

    And he came in on horseback: awesome ^.^

  12. this is such a difficult decision…… i have always loved the sixth day seventh night tour since it was the first live i watched from start to end,but as soon as the visualive tour was released it was so incredibly mind blowing it shot up into the top, the effort put into the visualive concert was fantastic, how could it not have been the best. however now i have to say that my favourite live tour by GACKT has to be the Yellow Fried Chickens tour! not only because i was able to see GACKT finally in London for the first time but also because of its simplicity and powerful rock and beauty which i came to discover 😛 ❤

  13. Talking and thiking about the YFC tour has made me all gooey inside lol.

    Hmm, thinking back, he did take off his shirt… And I could see the sweat rolling down his chest *grins* Okay, maybe YFC London wins by a teensy bit LOL ^.^

  14. That comment above is from me. Different pic icon cos I can’t spell my own email address correctly lol 😛

  15. Oh, what’s that live concert… It’s on YouTube. He’s singing Fragrance whilst doing naughty things to the mic stand ^.^

    Well that concert, where he does Speedmaster (LOVE that song) and at the end of the song he runs his hand up his thigh, then his body and then finally bites his finger. Seriously that is one of the hottest things I have seen in my life. I nearly died! LOL! ^.~

    • Nicola: It’s Kagen no Tsuki back in 2002 ;D

  16. Training Drug Party 2006…because of GACKTjob’s mirror performance! serious cute laughs from GACKT!

    and GACKT’s outrageously sexy throughout the whole concert. 😀

    If it weren’t for that my favourite would be Mars 2000 tour…because I cried after Kono dare mo inai heya de and Emu for my dear.

    plus best fan service ever during vanilla!!!!

  17. I just gotta say Jo I love these discussions…love reading your why’s and gackt experiences.

    I wanna share my own and ask you dears…what Gackt song has been your ringtone/phone alarm and why?

    I regretted having Speedmaster as a ringtone because my phone rang at 3am (forgot to put it on viberate) whilst i was walking to my room…and I live in a university dormitory…..with neighbours I do NOT get on with.

    phone started ringing and I panicked dropped my bag…rejected the call and ran to my room to avoid anyone I might have woken.

    since then I’ve changed it to Missing…gives me a couple seconds warning before the drums and second guitar kicks in! 🙂

    I’d love to hear if you guys also have any ‘not so pleasant’ experiences with gackt songs.

    • ActingHerReaction: =o… I am so using this as a future question, if you don’t mind of course LOL
      I won’t spill the beans on my ringtone yet though x3~
      But I think that’s so cool. Well, it would be better were it not for those neighbors lol

  18. ActingHerReaction: Oh dear lol. I can imagine why you dropped your phone when it went off. It’s quite a vigorous intro hehe.

    Ah, uni dorms. I lived in dorms about 3 years ago. My flatmates were unecessarily noisey. I would have loved to blasted Speedmaster through the walls at 3:00am as revenge *evil laugh*

    I don’t actually have any of G’s songs set to my phone. I shall have to remedy this. Hmm… maybe Redemption. The intro does give warning lol. ^.^

    No unpleasant experiences *grins* Maybe just my dad when he came into my room while Gackt was playing on my PC, probably thinking, “What the hell is she listening to” LOL! Some people just don’t understand G’s greatness ^.~

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