Posted by: Jo | August 22, 2010

GACKT – Kenshin Kousai 2010.08.22

Bunch of lovely fancams for you :3

Thanks to Hisa,, dyan25, Mainichi, Chiritubo, J-Times,, Sanspo, Niigata Nippo,, Goo, and Asahi for the pictures!
Kenshin in the newspaper Pics
Kenshin Pics
Mainichi Pics
Chiritubo Pics
J-Times Pics Pics Pics 2
Sanspo Pics
Niigata Nippo Pics Pics
Goo Pics
Asahi Pics



  1. … did I hear fan girl squees of Oyakata-sama~?! xDDD

    I would~ >x3
    Samurai!GACKT has got to be my favourite.

  2. If I had a copy of that newspaper, I’d probably frame it up and keep it forever…

  3. GACKT has been busy since returning to Japan πŸ˜› he is the best samurai warrior!!!

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