Posted by: Jo | August 24, 2010

GACKT to attend BUNRAKU premiere at TIFF!!!

You read right.
Producer Keith Calder stated in his Twitter that GACKT will be at TIFF for the premiere of BUNRAKU on September 11th. He probably won’t stay too long though, because the annual Fanclub trip starts the next day in Spain (but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t arrive in Canada earlier ne ;D?)

*brb, insert fangirl screams and jumping around*
Keith Calder’s Twitter



  1. OMFG *dies repeatedly* I wish I weren’t in class and that class weren’t in the United States!!!!! T^T

  2. I’d walk to Canada if I were allowed… T_T
    But that’s awesome news!! =D

  3. GAAAAH Gackt is only going to be 8 hours away from me! I wanna goooooooo!!! and it’s on a weekend!! gah!

  4. NOO!! i feel….arghhhhh Toronto is like…just 3 provinces away from Vancouver 😦 WHY CAN’T THEY HAVE IT IN BC!!!

  5. Aaah! I also live in Vancouver! GACKT should come to Vancouver! Cool news anyways 😀 I like the fact that he’s visiting Canada!

  6. Aaaaaahhh!!! I’m just screaming right now! There better be pictures at least, if not a video of his presence there!!! Aaaaaaahh!!!!!!

  7. T_T Fellow Vacouver-ites, I SHARE YOUR PAIN. I feel like rolling into a ball and crying. T_T And plus, if it was during summer vacation, then my dad would probably let me fly over there. But NOOO…

  8. this is really exciting news! GACKT has been trying his best recently to become closer to his dears it seems so i am happy for him and anyone who gets the chance to see Gackt in Toronto (although i am also very sad that i cannot make it there to meet him too)

  9. Maybe some of his Canadian fans will now get to see him,I do hope so for their sakes!!

  10. YES! I live in Toronto! :D! I’m SO HAPPY! I shall try and get tickets and write a review of the movie/Gackt’s presence xD

    • Jassy: Best of luck 8D

  11. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask: what’s the annual fanclub trip? I heard he came to Vancouver one year…

    • Aqua: The annual fanclup trip or Yokosai as I’ve heard it called, is where Gackt, Job, the staff, and all the Dears who are free, fly to a certain country for a week. Fans take their pics with Gackt and Job, they perform an acoustic live for the fans, and they always have activities to do while there. Very lucky for whoever has a chance to go.

      There’s also an annual ski trip where G, Job, staff, and Dears go skiing and snowboarding together~

  12. Shame I live in England cos I would love to go *cries* lol.

    But I’m excited for all of you that get the chance to go and see G ^.^

  13. I live in Ontario, and I live like, 30mins from Toronto not even and I couldn’t get a damn ticket. It online tickets opened today (sept 3rd) at 7am and their syster crashed and their phone was busy on end. I can’t go to buy tickets at te box because that’s all the way by lake shore, and thats 40mins away driving., sometihng I can’t do plus i worked at 11am. I feel horrible, becuz i leave righ tthere, and he will be right there and…its terrible…

  14. I cooould go, but Bus ticket from Ottawa to Toronto is $100, I need my money for X Japan xp

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