Posted by: Jo | August 27, 2010

Discussions: Favorite Performance

My questions just get more evil don’t they >8D;;;;?

Which GACKT performance is your favorite (Concert/TV)?

I don’t know if I have a favorite per say… I mean, GACKT has such a high standard of live performances, not even his own works can stand up against each other x___x;;;
Since I can’t choose, I’m just going to post two performances that I’ve been watching a lot this week.

The first one is Seki~ray from the 2004 Sixth Day and Seventh Night Final Tour. My gosh… it’s clear to see the passion that he put into this performance. I always find myself in awe, especially when he holds that note around 3:48. Truly magnificent.

And last is Birdcage from the 2003 Jougen no Tsuki Final Tour. I don’t know how, but Gackt was absolutely superb in this performance. His vocals, the lighting, just…. everything was perfection.

Feel free to post as many videos as you want guys – spam the heck out of those comments xD
Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. Wow, another hard discussion topic. One of my favorite solemn performances of Gackt’s would have to be Last Song from (I believe) the 2004 Sixth Day Seventh Night Final Tour. I cried the first time I saw/heard it. His emotion and the power behind his voice was simply overwhelming, and he definitely turned me on to piano for the rest of my life. I especially love the key change for this live.

    (I hope the embedded correctly. If not, here’s the regular link:

    And another would have to be Rain from the Jougen no Tsuki recorded live. The actual rain effect was spectacular and though Fragrance is like my all-time favorite song of his, I prefer this performance to the (memorable, beautiful, awe-inspiring in its own right) performance just prior to this one.

    (Again, if it doesn’t embed:

  2. by two favourite performances have got to be, Mizerable at the 2004 sdsn tour, the long notes and the emotion in his voice is amazing!

    and i also love Orengi no Taiyou from the Jougen no Tsuki tour 2003 ❤ it is really touching when GACKT sings at the beginning and the crowd all go silent and also the power in his voice throughout the song is increadable, it has moved me to tears many times 🙂

  3. Well, I haven’t watched all of them, but from the ones that I’ve watched, it’s probably going to be Last Song from Sixth Day Seventh Night, Orenji no Taiyou from Jougen no Tsuki (I really love how the people from Moon Child was there, and the end where Hyde “sang”. It was so sad.), REDEMPTION from Diabolos (because I have a weak spot for that song) and Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto on Heyx3 (it’s just so damn cute…).

  4. I love you Jo – two of my all time favorite songs and the best performances of each *.* Heck, I love all the videos posted so far =) (and I actually never really liked (or ‘got’) Rain before I saw the JnT live of it, so that’s a favorite too!)

    So besides Seki-Rei, I’m going to say… both Kalmia and Cube from the RRI tour (I think I have a soft spot for the Rebirth era, lol.) I think this might tie in with the ‘what’s your favorite concert?’ question, which I don’t think I answered… but yeah, I’m forever going to love his voice from this era. Just amazing, I don’t even really have words for it.

    ohhh. I also love Doomsday from the Jougen no Tsuki tour, and I find Nine Spiral from Drug Party incredible sexy in a really weird way.

  5. I can’t find mine of remember what it was for 😦

    All I remember is that it was a quite recent performance oa Another World

    • un[Beautiful]: Oh, I wanted to put that one down too, it’s my favorite performance of Another World! I believe it was for Music Station or Music Fighter, not too sure anymore… but he was so smiley and shaking his hips, it’s was quite adorable ne? ❤

  6. RR’s Cube and kagen no tsuki’s LU:NA

  7. These questions get harder lol. But I love them ^.^

    There’s a lot of his performances I adore. But I think my fave is Last Song – live, the one Nikki has posted above. Not only is it my favourite song, but the first time I saw that video, I was speechless. It’s just… wow. It’s raw and the emotion in his voice at the end of the song at the last chorus makes my heart bleed. Beautiful performance.

    There’s a TV performance of Black Stone that I really like. I’m not sure how to do this embed thing but Ill give it a go.

    If this hasn’t embedded (please forgive my lack of technology skills lol) here’s the link:

    But I love this performance of Black Stone. He’s just too awesome in it; the way he plays his guitar. And I love his hair. And the many sexy close-ups of G *grins*

  8. Meh, it didn’t work. Oh well lol. Can someone tell me how to post videos into my comments?

    • Nicola: I could go an edit it for you if you’d like? lol
      But for future reference, all you have to do is put
      You put the main URL for a video after = and it should embed automatically ^^

  9. Can I just post all of them?

    • Alex: Best answer xD

  10. Hopefully I’m doing this embedding thing right~!

    * 3* Drug Party Fragrance. The whole thing gives off the exact feeling that I got when I first listened to it. Perfection~

    GHOST live at Music Station:
    wooo~! I watched this so many times and I just got a better feeling/more energy from it than any other performance. (I showed it to my husband, and at the part @3:45 he was: oAo I want to have his man babies~~ I had to laugh ^^ )
    [GHOST] live (23.01.09)Uploaded by gackutonoyume. – See the latest featured music videos.

    Though I’m not going to lie.. this was incredibly amusing:

    aaand last that I will spam (so many~!)
    [WoWoW] GACKT – Oblivious ~Requiem & Reminiscence II~ (not the dvd release with the drill bit sounds)
    First time I saw it, I was dumbstruck. the integration of the lighting, video screen and his movements were so.. so.. VISUALIVE~! >x3

  11. oops. forgot the video~!
    [WoWoW] GACKT – Oblivious ~Requiem & Reminiscence II~

  12. Ah, I see. Thank you Jo! I shall take note for next time 🙂

  13. I know this discussion is a few weeks old now, but I’ve just watched Gackt’s performance of Story from the Sixth Day & Seventh Night tour for the first time and it’s quickly become one of my fave performances. I’m a little surprised no one has mentioned this one, but oh well ^.^

    Though I loved his perfrormance of Last Song from this tour, this had me choking up a bit to be honest. At 1:24 you can see a few tears and he’s filling up. I really like this performance as it’s really emotional, from his voice, to the look in his eyes. When I watched this I just wanted to give him a big hug.

    • Nicola: Oooh this performanc is so incredibly beautiful TT^TT…
      It’s especially emotional when you know that he’s crying because of all his Dears singing Happy Birthday to him right before he comes onto the stage. It’s so incredibly sweet and beautiful, I just want to hug him and all Dears waaaa TTOTT~~~!!!

  14. I adore this sweet side to him. I love the fact he’s not afraid to cry. I saw the tear stray down his cheek and started to well up a bit myself.

    Then I wanted to launch myself into my computer screen and hug him lol. Damn screen *grumble grumble* ^.^ From this, there’s no denying how much he appreciates his fans’ love and admiration.

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