Posted by: Jo | August 31, 2010

GACKT – YFC Swimsuit Festival WOWOW CM

Though I would have also liked to have seen the Atsugi Festival, I’m really happy with this too @.@



  1. just to make sure, is this being broadcast on the 4th of september? i hope some people will record this for us to see it is exciting 😛 ❤

    • Beth: I believe so… if anything, tenshin26100 (or Franck) will have it, he always does~

  2. What happened to Gackt’s Autobiograhpy sections that were posted on this site?

    • Zl: Welcome to Camui Love!
      They will continue a little later. I stopped them for the moment to let the regular translator get more ahead with her translations, but she’s been incredibly busy. But rest assured, they are still going on =]

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