Posted by: Jo | August 31, 2010

Producer Keith Calder is a GACKT fan~!

Keith Calder, producer of BUNRAKU, has found his way into the fandom LOL
Try not to bombard him with too many tweets guys, he got a ton yesterday xD
Keith Calder’s Twitter

Just to make the searching for G-related tweets a little easier:
While having a Karaoke party
Not a secret fan
GACKT’s plan for world domination is working, eheh~
Not possible to make a film with GACKT without becoming his fan
Flooded by GACKT fans xD
Complimenting GACKT’s lives



  1. Haha! That’s hilarious!! Oh I started tearing up because it was so funny… for some reason. Ah… *wipes away tears*

  2. LAWL, I’d tweet him but then I’d feel like a creeper . . .

  3. yay stage 2 of the world domination is almost complete… ^_^ (stage 1 being the europe yfc tour)

    these are really interesting to read 🙂 thank you ❤

  4. XD! Well it was obvious GACKT was gonna turn everyone into a fan of his! XD

  5. Haha I love how he tweets about GACKT, and It’s awesome he replies to fans~! ^_^

  6. AWESOME!!! Good of G to give away his music like that. World domination has now begun!

    Jo–I’m on a different computer and had to register again ’cause my laptop is out of commission for now.

  7. Lol, that made me laugh 🙂 I think Gackt being in this movie has made it immensely popular. The cinemas will be overun with G fans when it finally comes out ^.^

    And hopefully he will earn some more fans for those who don’t already know who he is. World domination! Mhehe.

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