Posted by: Jo | September 3, 2010

Discussions: Favorite Hairstyle

Aaah I’m so evil to ask this xDD;
Sorry it’s a little late n.n;;
This is probably the last series of “favorite” questions as I think I’ve just about covered them all, lol

What is your favorite GACKT hairstyle(s)?

Evil, evil, evil.
GACKT has had sooo many wonderful looks ne? Most of my favorites revolve around his current black hair, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking ;D

You know… I have a lot more to share but I just realized that if I try to go searching for them, I start to forget why I was looking for pictures in the first place LOL
In general though, I love his hair when it’s black or when it’s neck-length.. ish. His hair for Last Song, Setsugekka, and Metamorphoze are also faves~

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. razor-cut black hair, like in the R&RII concerts (and in the last picture you posted), is definitely my favorite look on gackt. the contrast between his hair and skin is amazing~

    blonde (as in his tidus look xD) is also really nice, as it emphasizes his eyes… but i also loved the brown from “last song”…? hahaha

    this question’s harder to answer than i thought it’d be ^^;;;

  2. This is way too hard Jo,so I will answer the opposite (every look is good )except his hair for moon child that was just hideous…i like blond and dark long hair on him ❤

  3. (comment got cut off again, sorry for the double post!)

    Anyway, my all time favorite look, like rai rakku, is from the RRII era, early to mid 2009… ( and (

    LOVE. Second is from 2001 – RRI / Another World era, with the dirty blonde hair, not too long. (I seem to have a soft sport for anything around the time of Rebirth, huh? >.<) (

    As I looked through the pictures, I find that I love the loose, voluminous cuts most, I guess =) But honestly, just about anything looks good on him, with that face.

  4. i love this hair style i think it is from around the rrii time as well ,

    and i also love this hair style, because it is so simple (it is from around last song time)

    i really like his long samurai hair for returner pv,

    and his hair for the yfc tour (half braided back 🙂 is that too many hair styles???

    • Beth: Oh I love those styles as well @____@
      Let’s face it, he looks good in anything really XD

      There can never be too many hair styles hun, post away all you want!
      I only stopped because I got too distracted looking for pics LOL and I didn’t want to make the post incredibly long n.n;

  5. My favorite hairstyle has to be the one in the “Flower” PV and also the “Journey through the decade” PV. Just love to see his black hair :3.

    Have you done a favorite outfit yet? XD

    • Asuka: …. Wow, that question never popped up in my head. I love you and will use that now XD
      Thank you!

  6. my favourite hairstyle has to be the one he had in the “Stay the Ride Alive” PV, I liked it so much I even had that hairstyle for a while, until the amount of effort and money it took to maintain it got too much so I reverted to lazy mid length and wild lol

  7. Ohh boy, I think my favorite style would be his YFC hair (with or without the braid things on the side…) because It’s like perfectly straight, I also like it when It’s black or at least very dark, andddd neck length as well. 🙂


  8. Oh.. this is a tough one. I think I like them all.. except that slightly wavy chin-ish length one. Like, for Stay the Ride Alive. His hairstyle right now is really nice and simple when he doesn’t braid the side, but when he does, it’s total nosebleed awesomeness. But he also looks so good with blonde and that brownish bronzish hair color too. But oh, it also looks really good in RRII and like, the Lost Angels cd cover. Ohhh, and his Diablos tour hairstyle is so… it’s not exactly the prettiest, but it looks so…. different and slightly exotic. At first I thought it looked kinda weird. Like, “Why on earth would you get a hairstyle like that?” but when I looked at it a bit more, I found it’s actually not that bad. ^_^ Ah, I’m so indecisive. XD

  9. I’ve liked most of his hairstyles, but I must say that I liked the current YFC with the braids on one side the best.

  10. My favorite hair style would be the dark short hair he wore on his nine-nine interview. I also like his hair on the Seventh Night Unplugged. I probably like these hairstyles because during these times, G is not overly made up for any specific production. Quite simple and still very G.

  11. I prefer G with his hair on the longish side. His hair during much of 2008 onward seemed too short for me; for example, his short hair in the GHOST pv and the RRII concert video. And, I’m not into the current flat hair on one side and braid on the other. I wouldn’t be surprised if his hairstylist suggests much of the styles to Gackt and he either accepts it or rejects it. Haha. I wonder what hairstyle he’ll go with when he attends TIFF next week, not to mention fashion!

  12. I absolutely adore his Sestugekka hair. I definitely had never seen anything like that before, and I (shamelessly) admit that I cut my hair so that I might be able to do something similar LOL His Yami no Shuuen hair is gorgeous as well, nice and long; you just want to tangle your fingers in it and pull . . . THEN his YFC/EVER hair, just because he was wearing it the first time I saw him. ❤ ❤

    Setsugekka ::

    RETURNER: Yami no Shuuen ::

    YFC/EVER ::

  13. Oh ho! I have been waiting for this question *wiggles fingers before typing* ^.^

    Love that first pic btw, Jo. I’m stealing that 😛

    I never really liked him blonde. I do prefer his hair darker. Either black or dark red. I love his hair in Last Song and Metamorphoze too. And also Setsugekka when I think about it lol. I just wanna run my hands through it ^.^

    I do adore his hair from this video though (hope this embeds right):

    Love his hair here too:

    And here (omg he’s so young!):

    And from that hair gel advert he did, Neue Men’s *grins*

    *sighs dreamily* He’s had many great looks and styles 😀

  14. Oh yay it worked lol! Sorry for inserting videos. I couldn’t find any good pictures of which hairstyle I was referring to.

    Love reading about everyone else’s favourite *smiles*

  15. wow. you nailed it head on for me Jo xD when I saw ‘favorite hair style’ I automatically thought that very shoot (the first one) and Kenshin xDDD
    so. I guess just to reiterate xD:
    [IMG][/IMG] (slightly different shoot, but same hair <3~~~ )

    and also add, Executive monthly hairstyle
    (crappy screencaps are crappy, sorry D: )

  16. poo~
    [img] didn’t work.
    here’s the direct links:

  17. kagen no tsuki era and journey through the decade

  18. Vanilla!!! Super Saiyan all da way!!! XD

    and YFC, just cuz I got to see that up close & personal from about a meter away! =D

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