Posted by: Jo | September 5, 2010

GACKT – YFC Swimsuit Live on WOWOW 2010.08.29

Enjoy Dears ❤



Nine Spiral:

Speed Master:


Kimi Ga Matteiru Kara:

Mind Forest:








Encore – Uncontrol + Koakuma Heaven:



  1. Oh dear . . . I hate that I’m so busy today, but I will definitely be watching this whole thing later tonight. AND HE PLAYED VANILLA!!! ARGH, all of us in Europe were begging for it. XD I’m glad he managed to fit it in for one show. And Koakuma Heaven! I love that song!!! ❤ ❤

  2. Oh GACKT, I wish he’d shout “shout” a little less. T_T but oh… this concert is just so good. Plus there’s Vanilla, Luna, EVER, Flower AND Koakuma Heaven. What can be better? Oh wait, I know. If he would’ve just taken his pants off a liiiittle bit more…. hahaha. ❤

  3. Wow . . . He’s just phenomenal. I hope he comes to the States soon, as everybody here in the States says LOL But yes, next time he should strip the pants off, too, and shout a bit less. I adore him. So much.

  4. Seconded. The sooner he plays a show in America, the sooner I can find true peace with my life LOL

  5. Not sure if you know but the video’s don’t work anymore. Just thought you should know.

    • Selvinas: Yeah I found that out a little while ago. Sadly most of the footage was taken off of YouTube so unless someone re-uploads it, it’ll stay that way for a while D:

  6. Jo, I adore you for posting this. I will have to watch all of this later 🙂

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