Posted by: Jo | September 10, 2010

Another Keith Calder Tweet

Well I don’t know how many people follow Mr. Calder, but he’s safely delivered the final film print to the Toronto staff and is now off to have dinner with the cast…
*insert jealous wails of fangirls here*
Dinner with GACKT?!



  1. Haha I tweeted him and said;

    “Have fun with GACKT!!! …and the other guys, of course… :P”

  2. Im so excited… i cant wait xd

  3. “fangirl wails x10” dinner… with Gackt…. O_O

  4. Lucky bastard . . . *grumble grumble*

  5. didn’t GACKT once say that he had to fight with anyone before they could have dinner with him, so that they earned the food????? i am jelous so i hope they do have to earn their food
    haha only joking, i hope they all had a good time, they do seem to be really good friends ^_^

  6. OMG! JELZ!! XD

  7. I think I can safely say, that anyone of us would fight to the death to have dinner with Gackt lol. I know I would ^.^

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