Posted by: Jo | September 11, 2010

BUNRAKU Premiere Pics + Tweets

Please keep an eye out on this post as more pictures flood in m(_ _)m

IM Global Champagne Brunch – photos taken by Jason Merritt
Pre-premiere Dinner Party – photos taken by Charley Gallay
On the Red Carpet – photos taken by Charles Le
On the Red Carpet – taken by Christopher Drost for Torontoist
On the Red Carpet – taken by Michelle Cortese
On the Red Carpet – photos taken by C.J LaFrance
On the Red Carpet – photos taken by Ian Goring
Picture with Dears -taken by yuukiholic
GACKT signing an autograph – taken by TorontoFilmScene
Q&A with the cast of BUNRAKU – photos taken by reelheart
GACkt on GettyImages
GACKT on CinemaToday

And here are some interesting tweets from the premiere as well:
MMadnesstiff: Two lucky fans get to see BUNRAKU~!
MMadnesstiff: GACKT brings the house down 8D
MMadnesstiff: Can haz dakishimete? Yes, yes you can.



  1. . . . i wish i were there . . . *sob*

  2. I also wish I was there… *goes to a corner & cries her eyes out*

    P.s. love the new header design! =D

  3. Seriously! Header design is excellent. X3

    All those people, getting autographs and pictures and sharing personal space with him . . . soooo jealous and more than slightly bitter about how the bloody premiere is in Toronto. *sigh*

    PS. Photos taken by Charles Le mark Gackt as “Actress Gackt” . . . LMAO I know he’s pretty but actress? Really? XD

  4. So the premiere is only going to be in Toronto?? They arent gonna have one in the US specifically in LA?? *sigh* that would suck

    • Natalia: Wow sorry this is pretty late XD;
      The premiere in Toronto was to introduce the movie to others in the industry as well as a couple of avid movie-goers before being released in regular theaters. Most likely it will have another premiere when it goes out to the general public, but for now it’s just being shown at movie festivals =]
      I’m rooting for L.A. too – it makes sense as we have Hollywood here, and it’s only an hour away for me XDDD

  5. He probaly things its a dress he is wearing and thus, a women. XD haha…

    Nah it’s most likely a simple mistake.

  6. Gackt with ET Canada?? OmG. I’m SO watching that tonight…. WAIT. That’s in 25 minutes…. SWEEET.

  7. um….. I’m not liking his white outfit.. if it were long pants yes.. flow-y ones…. no….

    • Min: Agreed. And the way he’s standing in that one pic… xD;

  8. Ohhh he looks fab. As always ^.^

  9. In response to what Min said: I don’t like any of his outfits…I think that lately his dressingstyle has changed a bit and I’m still not really used to it…
    But I’m really jealous of the people who got to go to the premiere and see the movie. And I’m extremely jealous of the person who got a hug!

  10. Hey, thanks for posting our picture of Gackt at TIFF!
    Be sure to check out our review of the film Bunraku at

    • Toronto Film Scene: Oh no, thank you for taking pictures of him – we Dears couldn’t be happier with all the attention he’s been getting!
      I’m proud to say I did and I even linked back to it on a separate post, wonderful review btw ^___^

  11. Ohh I missed that first pic with the white outfit *slaps head with hand* I’m thinking, what’s everyone talking about lol.

    I liked his black and red kimono, very Gackt and very sexy on him ^.^ but I really dislike that white outfit 😛

    Do not get me started on those shoes…

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