Posted by: Jo | September 12, 2010

GACKT – BUNRAKU Premiere 2010.09.11

It’s rare when you actually get to see GACKT nervous – but it’s so cute and endearing~!
Please keep an eye out on this post as more videos flood in m(_ _)m
The link below this first video has a basic summary of what was said, but if you’d like a more literal translation I’ve provided one in the comments below =D

Thanks to the TIFF Midnight Madness Blog for providing the video and summary!
GACKT at the premiere of BUNRAKU

Btw, this video interview was made by Mr. Robert Mitchell, who has recently become a GACKT fan xDD
You can follow him on Twitter and give him some DEARS love~
Robert Mitchell’s Twitter

And this last video gives you a sneak peek at the film itself along with some comments from the interviewed stars and director Guy. Sadly GACKT pops up at the end and doesn’t get any say, d’saww D: (but his fight scenes look amazing *___*)



  1. Okay, this is a literal translation of the vid xD;
    Get ready for a lot of … and yeahs and you knows~

    1st Question:
    What attracted you to the, to the role.. GACKT?

    “2 years ago… yeah, 2 years ago… (???) he, showed up (laughs) and… we were talk, yeah we were talk about.. this… movie for… all of the 10 hours? yeah.. suu.. get a small role/room(?).. yeah (laughs) and.. yeah.. I.. yeah… (laughter) YES (laughs) and yeah I.. I spent good time in Romania and.. I’m very happy with working, with working with them… of course, you guys know.. and he is, good… genius.”
    And as you guys know.. actors.. one of the.. they’re great people.”

    2nd Question:
    This is also for GAKUTO? Umm I just wanted to know, um, basically.. what’s it like working with uh, American casts as opposed to Japanese casts like in MoonChild and uh do you ever plan on touring here?

    “Yeah you know, uhhh… our schedule.. our schedule was very, you know, uhh.. when I was in Romania, uhh I was working at, at 5 yeah.. 5 so – or 3, yeah.. for 2 months. But, you know, they’re… you know they were always smiling.. yeah.. yeah.. I didn’t, yeah, I couldn’t (laughter).. why, you know, make him smile and everytime you know.. yeah, but.. you know, I can feel, umm.. you know, they’re.. that they’re always enjoying their life, you know, it is.. it’s very important to… umm… succeed.. yeah I don’t, uh I don’t know uhh, it is kind of difficult to explain (???).. they’re always pushing me and umm.. yeah, it is, it’s very… good? yeah it was very good learning experience for me that I could.. err (???).
    Japanese actors.. more strict, yeah and they are always .. thinking(???).. you know of course acting that, with no smile (laughter) you know, I love this smile.”

  2. So proud of G in his first real interview. Surely everyone respected him for not having an interpretor with him. Perhaps he won’t be as nervous next time, now.

  3. I just love that man more and more every day…

  4. He was so nervous, it’s adorable. I hate all the comments on YouTube about how his English is mediocre and other similar messages. It’s not like he has much opportunity to practice in Japan. Really, this was his first time in front of an all-English-speaking audience. Of course he’s nervous. Props to him for being up there without the interpreter and just responding in Japanese.

    Damn I wish I’d been there. LOL

  5. Jo thank you so much for all of the info,pics,videos and etc you gathered.You rock girl ❤

  6. Go Gackt even it it wasn’t brilliant who ever bad talks your English should first try to answer questions in Japanese and then we can see could they do better *pat’s on the head*

    ps.Thank you for the subs

  7. Some said “He was adorably nervous.”
    And I agree with that. He is always smiling, positive, and even if you can’t find words,
    who cares! 😛

    And if you’re a good person, just as it proved this audience, actors (etc.) are, will try to understand exactly hard, or even more, how the speaker tries to speak properly to understand him.
    Like you see, even I’m a bad speaker,
    but who cares?! I do.. 😦

    I think that this is a total success!
    The entire group is well fit!
    And a big hug for GACKT as an effort to appear at the festival!

  8. yes, G was adorable! he also start talking in japanese “anooo….ettoooo…. sugoi! sumimasen” xD and what about the audience… I think they were really annoying …. they are laughing all the time about him aaaaand… finally this fact just increased gackt anxiety!! (>___<*)

  9. GACKT at Midnight Madness? More like midnight at GACKT MADNESS.

    • Alex: Oh this comment FTW XD

  10. Omg soo totally awesomely adorable! GACKTs engurish is fuckin sexy,and haters cant stand tht!got news 4 noobs out there u thought his english sucked: he conveys the main idea,thts more then enough,id like to see u ppl try tht with japanese dumbasses! XD …
    ehem!…the …and and you know s were totally cute i hope he speaks english more often… so we can FEEL ZEH FIIYAAA XD lol
    and thnx 4 the translation! xoxoxo

  11. Hell’s yeah, Gackt rocked the house, Midnight Madness Mike!!!! I agree with Alex. All the people who were there went to see Gackt. GACKT MADNESS.

  12. Gackt-sama is simply amazing. Can’t help but love this guy. It’s only a matter of time before the whole world knows of this wonderful multi-talented man.

  13. hahaha xD I’m so stoked at what those two guys said on the last video~~~!

    The movie sounds about the way I figured it would. (though with 20 fight scenes, it was still too much talking? 0_0 )
    But I am SO glad they felt his presence, in person at least, they didn’t really mention him in the movie…..

    As for the interviews, he did really ^^. He must have felt very alienated/alone with the language gap, but he ganabru-ed and made it ^^

  14. God I love him ^.^

    I found myself going ‘awww’ outloud, cos he was so adorable. You could tell he was nervous, but he spoke really well, and his English is very good. Go Gackt! 🙂

  15. I just wanted to add, that like all of you guys, I have so much respect for him for doing those interviews in English. It must have been hard for him as it’s not his first language. And you could tell he was nervous. Bless him. I thought he did a great job and he was very ‘Gackt’ when he answered, if you get what I mean.

    And as always his voice was really sexy *grins* It’s so deep lol ^.^

    Love these, Jo, thank you for posting them 😀

  16. I got to sit like right behind GACKT at the premier he was sooo hawt thats me in the blue dress on the red carpet I took at 14hr bus ride from Baltimore MD to see him there and I got invited to the pre premier party it was soooo cool AND SURREAL ..I posted some photos on my myspace

    more to come soon when Melissa gets hers up

    I was like why didn’t you answer Melissa Gills question about touring here that was what I wanted to know
    I think Colin would have let me ask a question but I was to nervous I felt like I was stalking him the entire day I bumped into him in the Haytt at like 2pm and he was wearing all white and his sunglass and his entourage was in all white too they were super nice people I wish I had talked to them more

    • lena: Oh wow so you’re the Dear that everyone mentions was from Baltimore, how cool!
      Well traveling that far payed off in the end ne?! I’m really happy you got a chance to go to the festival let alone the premier party, wow @o@~!!!

      I’m sure he would have but after finishing the first part of the question I think he was just done LOL. Then again knowing Gackt, he might have left it a secret just because xp
      But he did give an interview on the TIFF Blog and said he was planning to tour in the U.S., Canada, and South America, so look forward to that =]~

  17. Wow, Lena . . . super jealous anyone else? XD

  18. *nods head* Super jealous. XD

  19. Nikki, amen to that. I am green with envy over Lena’s experience. I’ll prolly pass out if I get to be with Gackt-sama.

  20. I love on the video “GACKT – TIFF Bunraku Q&A part 1” how everyone goes nuts when G comes on stage lol ^.^

    As that guy said, I don’t think they realised how big a fanbase Gackt actually has outside of Japan. I think a lot of people going to see this movie, myself included, are going for Gackt *grins*

    The director should send him a really big fruit basket or something for being in this movie lol, cos I wonder if the hype would be on fire like it is if our G wasn’t in it.

    I’m really excited about seeing him in this movie. And like you all, I can’t wait ^.~

  21. I imagine that many (even those involved with Bunraku)were so surprised and in awe that this Japanese singer/actor with a strange name wearing a kimono could generate such a huge crowd. Imagine if this were to take place at whatever film festival G were to attend later, assuming he can go to others. And and and what if in attendence at one of the film festivals was Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt or some such famous actor. What I wanna know is…can GACKT fans out-scream Depp or Pitt fans??? Gods I’d love to see that happen! Imagine everyone’s perplexed reaction! Would be really funny.

  22. Margaret: Omg I would love to see that ^.^ That would be well funny. I totally think Gackt fans could out-scream Pitt and Depp fans anyday lol. I went deaf at YFC in London cos of all the screaming; myself included ofc! *grins*

  23. TIFF’s organizers suck! What was that? People standing in the rain? Free questions to a non-native? Who ever does that? A Festival like that should provide 1 a translator 2 pre-arranged questions!! Like everyone does!!..if it were in Asia that’s what they’d get for the foreign stars, TIFF showed a lack of organization and disrespect for a star, yeah canadian people,STAR like GACKT!!! GACKT has been amazingly patient in trying to answer to the questions and he looks cool even when he fidgets with his clothes..GACKT Europe and Asia love you!! America will learn!! 🙂

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