Posted by: Jo | September 14, 2010


Please be aware that these reviews may contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

I am pleased to say though that GACKT’s performance has been received with generally positive remarks =D

Screen Daily
Jared Mo Barak
Twitch Film
The Film Buffs
Tomas Street
Tiff 2010
The Globe and Mail
The Film Stage
Hit Fix
Hey U Guys
Hollywood Reporter
Atlantic City Weekly
Ain’t It Cool
Inside Pulse
Cinema Today JP
Oricon JP
The Movie Advocate
amaiakuyume’s Review
asliceofthemoon’s Review
excused_early’s Review
bliss10’s Review
camui_love’s Review

The movie is now also up on Rotten Tomatoes, but no reviews until it’s released in theaters it seems~
Rotten Tomatoes

P.S. Keep checking back on the premiere post for BUNRAKU, I keep adding videos as I find them @.@…



  1. I’m not gonna read any reviews ^.^ I’m gonna wait til I go see the movie and decide for myself hehe.

    I wonder when it’s released in England?

  2. that is a good idea 🙂 i think i will wait too! i am soooo excited to see this film ^_^

  3. Oh it’s so hard to wait XP But I will. It’s just sooooooo tempting to read them!!!! >.<

    Good to hear that Gackt got good reviews though. ❤

  4. Lol I know, soooo tempting. But I’m glad to hear he’s gotten good reviews too ^.^

  5. Although maybe I should point out that the Japanese articles aren’t reviews of the film as such, but reports of who attended the screening and what was said with only a few sentences giving a brief description of the film itself…

  6. […] premiered over at ActionFest this weekend~~~ I’ve added excused_early‘s review with the previous reviews and articles and am currently searching for more. If you know of one, send me a comment and I’ll add it to […]

  7. […] I’ve made a review of the film over on my journal. I’ve also added it to the BUNRAKU Review page […]

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