Posted by: Jo | September 14, 2010

GACKT – WONDA CM 2010.09.14

Two more ridiculous WONDA CMs xD



  1. hahaha, cuz real (Japanese) men are not afraid to cry! XD

  2. LOL ^.^ Love it!

  3. lol Gackt still doing these CM. Hi shair looks nicer though.

  4. omg, i was having such a bad morning until i saw these! i laughed really hard, these are priceless~ thank you!!!! instant-smile!

  5. I love how Gackt gets so scared when he heard teh kachou. and the second was so funny when the chief was like ONE MORE TIME!! and gackt was like YES! lol

  6. LAWL I LOVE HIM. Thank God for Gackt because he makes me smile all the time.

  7. LOL, I love these commercials~
    Just wondering but what exactly goes on in the video they’re watching that makes Gackt and the chief cry?

  8. Oopsies, never mind~ The video I saw didn’t have subtitles. This one did, sorry for the previous question. XP

  9. sensitive gaaaaackto, you show yourself~~! <3333 xDDD

  10. XDD hahaha~

    kawaii da yo~~~

    But the CM with him jumping through the corridor like: Waaahh~~ ♥
    is the best! XD
    Oh and his arm-shaking from the shock that his chief is sitting beside him! ^__^

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