Posted by: Jo | September 17, 2010

Discussions: Ringtone

This week’s question was suggested by ActingHerReaction~

What GACKT song would you use for a ringtone/alarm?

Ah, what a convenient question – I’m actually in the process of fixing my ringtones (new phone w00t!)
Well, my alarm in the morning is set to the chorus of Jesus. I mean, what could be more perfect than the first thing you hear in the morning is GACKT screaming out “Wake me up!” over and over? xD It certainly gets my butt out of bed lol

As for a ringtone, I’m not too sure…. see, I like having songs with awesome guitar riffs because if it goes off in public, it makes me happy toΒ know that people may beΒ looking over in my direction with a look that says “Now that is a kickass ringtone, I wonder what it’s called?…” And in this way I can help promote GACKT to more people~ (well I can hope at least). I’m leaning towards something like White Eyes or No Reason, or maybe Dybbuk or Justified… as you can see, I’m indecisive xD;
But as of right now though, umm… my ringtone isn’t even set to a GACKT song (but you never heard that from me!!!!)

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. lol, i had Jesus as my alarm but I currently have Vanilla as all of my ring stuff. Whenever I get a text, I would dance to the song b4 i check my message!

  2. Ohhh I have his Koakuma πŸ˜€ as my alarm!!!

  3. Oh, I don’t actually use (or have) any Gackt stuff on my phone… 😦 lol

    For my alarm i do use Dir en grey – Saku, a screaming guy is enough to wake anyone up lol

    As for my ringtone I use this at the moment, had to change my last one as it made my dogs angry haha

    It not Gackt but it’s nice so listen πŸ˜› lol

    • [unBeautiful]: Oh don’t let G hear that lol
      Haha Saku is a pretty cool song. It might not be GACKT but it’s acceptable lol
      Soreiyu? Who sings this song? It’s nice~~

      Well, if we are posting different ringtones…
      Mine is set to the opening guitar riff (at 0:13) of Zombie by Versailles x3;

  4. my alarm is ste to start on the chorus of Flower, it is such a beautiful song so i thought why not. and my ring tone is no reason, the small bit of speaking at the beginning will prepare me should i need to answer the phone quick if i in a crowded public space (otherwise it would be quite loud :p)

  5. My alarm is this:

    Not much of an incentive to wake up, but it’s lovely hearing his voice in the morning. XD

    My ringtone is actually the chorus from EVER right now, but I have a variety of them stored up on my phone, including Jesus, Flower, Vanilla, Fragrance . . . the list goes on haha.

    • Nikki: Haha I had that as an alarm before too, it really is lovely hearing him speaking @____@

  6. Lol! I use a variety of clips from his songs as my ringtones. I use EVER & Koakuma Heaven a lot. πŸ™‚

  7. I don’t think I’d use GACKT as an alarm ringtone, because when my alarm goes off I throw it aside with distaste… lol… I don’t want to feel that way about GACKT….. XP
    But for a ring if I had a phone now, which I don’t really, I’d use My Father’s Day, because that song just makes me feel….

  8. hello dear
    Im like you my dear, I have much interesting GACKT’s song for my phone so usualy I use “EVER” but “Justified” and “Another world” too ❀

  9. OH! I made a LOT of Gackt ringtones as well ^^ I mainly use: setsugekka and Last Song’s chorus. Vanilla and koakuma heaven is quite good as well

  10. My ringtone is the chorus of Last secret garden

  11. I used to have Mizerable as my ring tone back in Australia, but it…ruined the song for me. Every time I heard it afterwards, it’s was like PHONE CALL PHONE CALL AAAHHHH WHERE’S MY PHONE?

  12. My alarm is Lu:na right now. I remember the first time I woke up to it, I almost had a heart attack. xD But now I get up (with a good mood which is amazing…) and start dancing. If I had a phone, which I don’t, my ringtone would probably change all the time (because I’m indecisive too). I’d probably use Vanilla, Koakuma Heaven or Flower. Oh wait, there’s EVER too. ^_^

  13. LOL! I love your alarm Nikki, that is awesome. Though I agree, not much incentive to get up. If I had his voice like that in my ear on a morning I wouldn ‘t want to get out of bed ^.^ Especially if he were IN the bed *grins*

    *Ahem* An-y-way… I am ashamed to admit I don’t have G set as a ringtone or alarm *hangs head* I shall have to remedy this. I love Jo’s idea for Jesus; you are so right πŸ™‚ I may do that lol

    For a ringtone I would maybe use Redemption, or Father’s Day; love that song and the intro is awesome. Possibly the chorus of Setsugekka – I’m really loving that song atm. It’s coming close to my fave ^.^ Though still can’t quite beat Last Song for me. I listen to that, both unplugged and not, when I can’t sleep on a night (omg his voice *melts* lol), so I couldn’t associate it with an alarm ^.^

  14. My ringtone is Flower – Instrumental version

  15. @Nikki:
    :O whaaaaaa??? where on Earth has THIS been hiding?? I’m setting this as my alarm IMMEDIATELY.

  16. Aha! I know what I will set my ringtone to: Soldiers of Sorrow. I was listening to it this morning and thought it would make an awesome ringtone. Totally kick-ass intro with the guitars πŸ˜€

  17. @ Nikki ~ I used that one for a little while.. but it really is easy to just lay there are listen to (repeatedly xD ) I even tried to remedy that by repeating the alarm sound in the background.. didn’t work though xD

    For ringtones, I’ve used Redemption for my husband for years ~ starting from
    “Itsuka wa kono sora ni daremo ga kaeru kara…”
    I also have at the moment
    2 different cuts of Koakuma Heaven
    2 cuts of No Reason
    3 ( ><?) cuts of Suddenly
    my old phone I had vanilla, mizerable etc. but the sound quality was horrible D:

  18. Jo:
    It’s from a solo album of a singer called Yoshie Nakano πŸ˜€

    That Versailles song is rather awesome I have to say, first song I’ve heard from them lol

    • un[Beautiful] It’s really nice cand calming 8D~

      Aaah Versailles is one of my favorite JRock bands – if you’d want suggestions I can give you some, or you can just go surfing through YouTube lol. An interesting thing to note is that Gackt is old friends with the lead singer Kamijo, and they go back to Malice Mizer days~
      This video’s from the Nine*Nine DVD Gackt released like.. 2 years ago I think? Anyway their conversation is hilarious xD

  19. I have a very old Nokia that doesn’t play mp3 tunes and has absolutely no(!!) memory space…>_<* so my ringtone is a lame excuse of the theme from Pirates Of The Caribbean! XD

    But when I get a new mobile phone, my ringtone will be: UNCONTROL! XD (the YFC male version!) The beginning is just epic~~ πŸ˜€

  20. I LOVE Versailles. I saw them this summer on their world tour in Barcelona about two weeks before I saw our beloved G. I’m a super avid follower of them, already preordered their new single LOL

    Of course, Gackt is my number one, but Kamijo . . . he’s a hottie, too. XD

    • Nikki: Oh lucky!! I hope to see them one day, they really are amazing >w<~~~!
      Since we're going off topic here xD; what do you think about Masashi? He seems like quite a kind and nice fellow and seems to fit in well ne =D? I was mostly struck by how tall he is, he towers over the rest XDD;

  21. Jo: I quite like that Versailles song. Very cool guitar riffs πŸ™‚ Slightly ‘heavier’ rock sound than some of Gackt’s music, but I think I’ll have a further listen to some of their other music. Any suggestions?

    I’m pretty new to J-Rock, but I always like to hear what’s out there. Actually, my first experience of Japanese music was Utada Hikaru when Kingdom Hearts was released; I liked her voice and style. I really wish I had explored Japanese music more, as I may have discovered Gackt much earlier than I did.

    Though even though I am a newcomer in the last year, I’m so glad I heard his music. It’s the most played on my i-Pod at the moment and he’s easily my favourite musician/artist *grins* over any Western music I own. Wow, sorry, I’ve rambled on a lot there (I’m in a chatty mood right now and no one to talk to lol!) ^.^ The point I was trying to make is that I love how music from one artist and suggestions from other Japanese music fans can lead you to other musicians/artists πŸ™‚

    • Nicola: Haha yes, Zombie is always a great intro into the band I think~
      Let’s see here… well continuing with the harder rock sound, I’d go with Aristocrat’s Symphony, The Revenant Choir, To The Chaos Inside, God Palace ~Method of Inheritance~ (that one’s 10 minutes of sheer epicness btw @.@) and Gekkidou, to name a few. For their ballads or softer songs, go with Serenade, Prince, After Cloudia, Windress, Episode, The Umbrella of Glass, Ai to Kanashimi no Nocturne… yeah I’ll let you discover the rest lol.

      Oh how I adore Utada Hikaru and anything Kingdom Hearts~~ I know I’m a bit obsessive over G (I started a fansite for crying out loud XD) but I will literally buy any console just to be able to play KH ^___^;;;; But yes, Hikki is a really great artist too! XD
      Ramble away my dear, totally fine lol but I understand, it’s the same for most people I think =D

  22. *ninjas in* Ah, schoolwork keeps me away again! But…

    “Redemption” is my ideal ringtone…but I think that “Ever” would also be a great choice as well…especially considering how freakin’ awesome the chorus is. XP


  23. Jo: I actually quite like Masashi. He was quite good live, too. Had the bass solo for Ascendead Master down wonderfully (I listen for that part all the time because it’s so fucking awesome. X3) Revenant Choir was great, too, fantastic solo. I think he fits in really well but he really IS freakin’ tall!!! His outfit, I’ve noticed, isn’t as ostentatious as everyone else’s . . . yet. XD I already have their new single pre-ordered . . . both special edition versions LOL I’m a little obsessed. Granted, one of them is for my brother, but still . . . I”m ripping it before I give it to him hahaha.

  24. Well, I’m a fan of guitar riffs as well and that’s why my ringtone is Love addict by Vamps ^u^. I would have to think really hard about a Gackt song that would work as a ringtone for me…

  25. I adore Kingdom Hearts too hehe. After FFVII, it’s one of my favourite games ^.^ Thanks for the suggestions, Jo, I’ll look into them πŸ™‚

    Oh, Love Addict by Vamps has an awesome intro. I like that song.

  26. I’ve just watched that video Jo posted with Gackt and Kamijo.

    “I will invade the stage like a fangirl”

    Lol, I love that. Gackt’s interviews NEVER fail to put a smile on my face *big smile*

  27. Word of advice….avoid the opening of Papa lapped a pap lopped as an alarm…..unless you enjoy heart attacks.


    So glad to see this up here! πŸ™‚

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