Posted by: Jo | September 22, 2010

GACKT Community Blog 2010.09.21

GACKT welcomes two new members into his family – brace yourselves for a cuteness overload~~!!!!
Staff Blog 2010.09.21



  1. Two new puppies!!!!!! ^.^ Think he’d mind if I stole them? I’d let GACKT come over any time to see them~ XD

  2. Kyaaaaah! *explodes with cuteness overlaod*

  3. Oh my dear lord………. that….. O_O

  4. . . . THEY’RE SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! Anyone able to tell what kind of puppies they are? I hope he blogs soon. I miss him. XD

  5. Awww I wonder what he’s going to call them :3

  6. ah! they’re so tiny! ,what kind are they i wonder…. and why does gackt have a thing about putting his pets in containers made for food…. Ex: eneru in the pot on the stove, lmao… oishii….

  7. KAWAIIIIIII they are sooooooo adorable ❤

  8. *squeals* Omg cute! ^.^

    I want a puppy *pouts*

    And Gackt lol *grins*

  9. They are just sooo adorable!!! Thanks Jo!!

  10. Are they long-haired Chihuahuas, like Eneru? I don’t know how “busy body” GACKTO will find time to care for them! By the way, does he still have cats?

    • Margaret: I don’t believe so… but then again I don’t even know what kind they are @____@;;;
      aaah from an interview last year, he said he had like 4 dogs or something (not including the two he just got x___x;;; ) but no cats. It makes me wonder whatever happened to Mei D:

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