Posted by: Jo | September 22, 2010

GACKT – WONDA CM 2010.09.22

Just an FYI, that’s not the number 69 on the cellphone he’s holding – it’s the astronomical sign for Cancer xDD;;



  1. oh yeah, i watch this CM last night i was like OMFG —-“That´s 69?” xD and then I post it on Facebook and a fried said to me “That´s not 69, is the Cancer astronomical sign xD!”

  2. aaawesome! and cancer is his astrological sign. Lmao I love him in those commercials. XD he looks so bad at the end

  3. Heck–I didn’t know anything about the meaning behind the number 69 until someone mentioned about it when talking about Koakuma Heaven! Boy, was that a shocker. But it wasn’t as shocking as when I watched my first GACKT video that contained “fan service,” as you call it. My eyes were wide-open and my jaw was hanging down in utter shock (dai-shocker!). And Japan being the country that it is, it never occurred to me that fan service could be shown in a music concert. Goodness, there is so much I don’t know about, even though I’m much older than most of you fans out there!

  4. Lol Being a Cancerian myself I find this hilarious! XD

    • mjspice: Yay fellow Cancerians~!!… is that really what we go by, not Cancers? XD;
      *high fives*

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