Posted by: Jo | September 28, 2010

Fan Project – GACKT X-Mas Project!

Yup, it’s that time again – another opportunity to spread the love for GACKT~~

For this project you will need to buy two postcards: one that shows the city/country that you are from and one that you can write a message to GACKT on. You also need to write a little note with your name and your home country. These items will be sent to mitsukishiroi and she will arrange them onto a single page (the view of your country/city on top, your name and home country in the middle, and your message on the bottom). These pages will be compiled into one big scrapbook/album and will be sent to GACKT by December 10th so that he gets it around Christmas time.

Here’s some extra tid-bits for the project:
* Everyone will have their own page so it feels more personal :3
* You don’t have to buy a postcard – you can make your own and pretty it up so that it reflects your world (i.e. take photos of your favorite places, draw it… get creative~!)
* The standard size for the cards will be 14.7 x 10.5 cm, or 5.8 x 4.1 in.
* The deadline for all cards to be sent is by November 15th, so the earlier the better!

If you have any questions at all, you can contact mitsukishiroi on LJ or her email or Or if you’re really shy, I’ll go and ask for you instead aha xD~
More information can be found in the links below.
Let’s git to it Dears ❤
GACKT X-Mas Project
More Details



  1. Odd, I can’t connect to either page 😐 . . .

    • Nikki: Really? That’s strange… on my end the links work fine and they’re not locked posts, so….
      Let’s assume LJ is being lazy o-o;;
      Maybe try a little later? If you still can’t view it let me know okay?

  2. I really hope I can participate in this, I’m a little confused though…why do we need two postcards if one already has a back and front? xD The front would be the picture, and then the back would be where you write, right? Am I missing something here? u.u;;

    • Victoria: Aaah just a bit hun xD;
      If the postcard is pasted onto the page, there’s no way that Gackt wuld be able to read the backside – that’s why you need the 2nd one. One postcard will be facing up with the picture, and the other will have the writing side facing up. There’s a little picture on the first link that gives you an idea of it n.n;;;;

  3. What a lovely idea *big smile* I really hope I can take part.

    Can anyone see her email anywhere on the link? I don’t have a LJ account so I can’t message that way. I have a bit of a stupid question lol. I just want to know if we send the postcards in an envelope? It would stop them getting damaged.

    Oh, and can we put what we want on our message? Within reason ofc. Merry Xmas, your music is an inspiration to me, etc, etc.

    • Nicola: Her email is in the second link, towards the bottom of the first post I believe.
      Sure why not? That sounds like a safe way to do it, I’ll probably go that way myself lol

      Of course, it’s your message after all 8D~~!

  4. Thank you, Jo! 😀

    • Nicola: Anytime 83

  5. Thanks! I get it now~ haha. xD Hopefully I’ll be able to go out and buy two. ^_^

    • Victoria: You could also make your own if you don’t want to buy them – it’s what I’m doing lol

  6. this is a cute idea i will set to work straight away! 🙂 i hope GACKT will enjoy it ❤

  7. I wish I lived somewhere luxurious and exotic. Postcards from there are always nice ^.^

    I told my mum about this today, as I wanted a postcard of Durham Cathedral (is a very nice, quite well-known cathedral in the north east of England, about 20 minutes from where I live). She was like why not the village we live in. I live in a very small village. I was like ‘riiiight’ lol. I’ll stick with something a little bit more picturesque than the farm fields near where I live ^.^

    Heh, this is exciting XD I better start now as it may take me ages to compose a message I’m happy with lol ^.^

  8. I´m in! obviously…! 🙂
    this is so exciting!

  9. Oh awesome, I’ll probably do that then. It will make it much easier for me. 🙂

  10. I have a “little” question :B
    There´s no country restrictions right?
    Im a south american fan and… i wish i can join to this X-mas Project. BTW… i have LJ but … i cant write her a PM or Comment U.U
    thanks 🙂

    • Nicolle: No worries, you can join in wherever you’re from 8D
      Have you tried email? It’s in the 2nd link. I’ll re-edit the post so her email is easier to find, hope that helps!

  11. thanks… but i just talk with my cousin (she lives in Spain) … My idea was send her my photo from E-mail and she send the postcard to mitsukishiroi but she said “NO!” and she hang up on me the phone T_T
    U.U sorry … it was a great idea…

  12. I was wondering if anyone has sent Mitsuki an email yet and recieved a reply?

  13. […] to mitsukishiroi is November 25th. More info can be found within the link below and you can check here for the last post I made concerning the project. X-Mas Project […]

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