Posted by: Jo | September 28, 2010

Site Update 2010.09.28

G’morning minna-san~!

* I just wanted to let you know that I will be gone starting today until Friday the 1st for a little mini-vacation. Well… that’s only if I can’t get a decent Internet connection. If you see me posting something in-between that time then you can ignore the whole “gone” thing lol.

* I have this strange feeling… as if, the pages on top will be completely re-done soon. Hmm, I wonder why…..?

Feel free to leave any suggestions, compliments or complaints in the comments below~




  1. Have fun on vacation! 😀

    • Victoria: Thanks hun ❤

  2. Hi! I love your site, its so cool! Gackt’s songs been invading my life since three weeks ago. J-Rock is not really my thing but Gackt makes good music and I was simply ‘hypnotized’ by his voice and music. The first song I listened to was Vanilla and I like it despite it’s translation. Believe me, Vanilla was no.1 on my most played playlist. Can I say tht Gackt totally brainwashed me? LOL! Anyway, I’m still new in Gackt fandom so I don’t consider myself as Dears. Thats pretty long comment LOL! So I guess that’s all from me for now. I’ll link this site on my blog. You did a pretty good job on this site. *thumbs up* Bye and have a great day =D

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