Posted by: Jo | October 1, 2010

Discussions: Favorite CM

This week’s topic was suggested by Aqua:

What is your favorite GACKT CM?

Aaaah hard to pick just one lol
But in the end I went with this because it’s GACKT dancing with cats and I started getting distracted by watching too many CMs xDD;

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. Hehe I loveee the Upty commercials. ^_^ I think this is my favorite although I can’t make out his English. xD

  2. Hmm this is quite hard. I’m such as cheater cos I have a few faves lol.

    The takano yuri one which has Doomsday playing, purely for the fact that he’s naked lol *grins* And his lips look really kissable ^.^

    I really like the takano yuri wedding one too cos it’s really sweet (how awesome would it be if Gackt ran in on your wedding day and whisked you away ^.~)

    One more lol. The Neue Men’s CM. Cos his hair is gorgeous and there’s two of him!

    I do like the Upty ones as well. Arghh there’s too many to choose from ^.^

  3. i love all the EMA and Tsutaya CM XD now also the wonda-CM make me crack up laughing xDD

  4. i think after long debate that my favourite cma are either the ema or tsutaya! the old lady in the tsutaya cm is funny and there are loads of ema commercials but i haven’t been disappointed by one yet 🙂

  5. sorry my last comment was slightly wrong, i meant the fuji film cm not tsutaya (although this is very funny as well) ❤

  6. tsutayaaaaa.

    the second one specifically ❤

  7. agh, should’ve embedded it >.<

    sorry for the double post!

  8. The Wedding Takano Yuri one is too fantastic..

    but I have to say.. one f the Fujifilm with the old lady xD

    very nostalgic for me ^^
    OH and I Love the newer Tsutaya one <3333

  9. i’m retarded when it comes to technology…so good ole copynpaste will have to do.

    my fave cm is the ema one….the one where he’s a robot. its like…wtf…wait for a moment and then. LMFAO.

    on a nongackt related noted….i really really really love Tetsuji Tamayama ema cm tooo….he’s just gorgeous.

  10. whoa here it is the gackt one…my bad.

  11. Here’s another one I really like! XD

  12. Also, for a new discussion I was gonna suggest using “favorite GACKT interview/interview clips”. 🙂

    • Victoria: I think I’ll use that this week :D~~~ Thank you ❤

  13. I liiiike so much GACKT in the “Upty dance” ^^

  14. You’re welcome~~! ❤ ^_^

  15. Yay, it’s my suggestion! Okay, lets see….

    I think this is one of the first G cms I ever watched. I loooove the Gackt on the cell phone.

    I really love the ending of this cm. Usually when we all think of G, we think of this really amazing, perfect and ‘inhuman’ man. But the ending shows the human and normal side of him. Because, come on, I’m sure everyone picks up food from the ground, blows on it, and eats it. Because I do. xD

    Two copies of an amazingly beautiful man + hair wax. What more can you ask for?

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