Posted by: Jo | October 1, 2010

GACKT – Camui Gakuen de Fukinasai Information!

Wooohooo for the school-themed fanclub lives again 8D~!

Thanks to shinimegami21 at the Oh GACKT You Didn’t Community!
Schedule and Extra Info



  1. T_T If I could go to any live, it would be a Camui Gakuen live. T_T

  2. I want to got to one of the one’s in Chiba and see Gackt one last time b4 I go bak to the states… if anyclub members would like to use one of those extra tickets for me (I’ll pay for it of course) I’d love to go and I’ll chip in evenly on hotel. I’m very responsible, so let me know! If not, its ok though I guess ‘sad face;’ ;-; It sounds like a blast…. ^-^ Let me know… ^-^

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