Posted by: Jo | October 8, 2010

Discussions: Favorite Interview

This week’s question was suggested by Victoria =D

What is your favorite GACKT interview?

Only one comes to mind right now because everytime I watch it, it puts a smile on my face and I laugh so hard that tears come out and I probably burn a lot of calories from laughing as well, dear lord XD;
It’s the interview he did on Shabekuri 007 in 2009, where GACKT apparently has a lot of fanboys…~

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. Dang it, why did I pick such a hard topic? XDD He has so many great interviews. 🙂

    Anyway, I don’t know what interview this is…but I’ll try to explain it and maybe someone will know? So I think he was at a store, and he was walking around with a girl…they talked about his favorite movies I think, then one subject was on Touch the Numbers, he asked her how many chances he could have at playing the game…she said only three, well he wanted more XD so he asked her to raise the number, I think? And someone said that she said if he could make her heart beat faster she would raise the number. So I remember he put his arm around her and whispered something in her ear, and she looked like she was going to pass out haha… XD Does anyone know the interview I’m talking about? >.<

    • Victoria: Quite true xD

      Oh, it’s the King’s Brunch interview that he appeared sometime earlier this year.
      … Yes, I do memorize the show title’s >o>;;;;

  2. I know exactly which one you’re talking about but I can’t remember the name… he was wearing a kimono ne? That one is funny, but I think this posted one is my new favorite…. can’t forget the awesome days of Utaban and pork belly though…. ❤

  3. Yes, he is wearing a kimono~! ^_^ I love that one lol. I really like this one too though, It’s funny. :3

  4. fantastic pick Jo xDDDD
    I’ve never seen that one subbed, thanks for the treat!~~
    each and every one of those guys is now completely in love with GACKT I think xDDD

    I’ll have to think about my pick some ><~~

  5. That’s it~~~!!! XDD Haha I love him in that interview, he’s so cute…I’m gonna find it on YouTube (hopefully) and post it here. :3

    Oh, and Jo, I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while…but how do you, and some other people like furesiya get their icons to whatever you want? Like yours is your LJ one, but mine’s a yellow square…thing. xD

    • Victoria: Yaaay 8D

      Oh well, since I run the blog there’s an option for me to change my icons as I please~ I’m just really lazy and bad about doing so XD As for other people, I assumed it’s because they either have a WordPress account but it’s probably though Gravatar – check that site out =o

  6. Victoria:
    yup~! I made a wordpress account just to post here >xD, and changed the icon through there <3~~

  7. Jo & furesiya: Thank you both for the into! I’ll try Gravatar first, and if that doesn’t work I just may sign up to WordPress. xD

    By the way, YouTube removed the King’s Brunch interview…so not cool… D:

  8. Oh my gosh… thank you so much Jo, for picking that interview. I’ve never seen it before, but now it’s definitely one of my favourites! Okay now.. lets’ see… I don’t think I can only pick one, so here’s a few…

    “Ahhh!!” and then everyone turned around and “SHHH!!”

    “The Pork Belly Blocks…. get them for me.”
    *poke* *poke* *poke* “This one.”
    This one was one of the first interviews of him I ever watched. Watching him at interviews was how I fell in love with him, actually. He made me laugh. ^_^ And I used to laugh very little back then. Not a lot of things amused me. But ever since Gackt first made me laugh, I laugh a lot more now. I’m very thankful to him.

  9. Of all the discussions, this one is easy for me lol. The Butabara one from Utaban is by far my favourite. It NEVER fails to make me laugh and smile 😀 Brilliant!

    I love how he’s funny even when he’s not trying. The follow-up one is close behind. He can’t go shopping anymore and he keeps saying “Butabara”. And then drops himself in it again, by saying he’s a ‘magnum’ lol. God, I love that man ^_^

  10. I adore the interview Jo has posted. Thank you for posting that, Jo 🙂 I’ve never seen it before.

    He really has the loveliest smile ever *sighs* I love the bit where he’s talking about drowning, then “Oh wait.. when is the last time I’ve had sex?” and then “I MUST DO IT before I’m gonna die” LOL! So funny ^.^

  11. I liked the part with the exercise thing, that was so funny. xDD

  12. The “Touch the Numbers” Clip can be found here:

  13. @ Victoria: You mean the crotch splitter thing? LOL! XD When I first saw that my jaw dropped to the floor. I was like ‘oh my god..’ I love how the Utaban guys are like ‘what is he?’ lol ^.^

  14. Nicola: Lol no, I was talking about the interview Jo posted, It’s in part 3…they’re demonstrating some other exercise thing G uses. But I love the crotch stretcher video too, It’s so funny. xDD

  15. Victoria: Ah, I see. I haven’t watched part 3 yet ^.^

  16. Nicola: It’s funny, but then again…what interview of his isn’t funny? 🙂

  17. that is definately my favourite interview, the guy that wants to be his nipple XD baha!

  18. I love the 007 one ecause of his fanboys. XD It cracked me up when they went “Oh, you’res o beautiful!! You’re so great! Look at how happy he is!!” etc in him. ^^

    And I like the one with the store and the girl. ^^ I’d love to go shopping with him myself. XD

  19. Victoria: That’s very true lol. Most of his interviews crack me up. I always find myself smiling like an idiot or laughing ^_^

  20. Mel: That’s itttttt~!!! That’s the interview I like. >.<;; Oh how I wish I was that girl. *Glomps G*

    Nicola: Same here, his interviews always make me so happy. :3

  21. All his interviews are interesting and funny. And he can be straight-faced and still be funny. Sometimes I wonder how he keeps from laughing in many of his interviews (I’m not good at holding in giggles and laughs–I’d fail easily at a laughing game).

  22. That’s one of the many things I love about G. He says something really funny, but his face is like dead-pan lol. And I’m like ‘is he being serious or is he joking?’. I’m the same, if I find something really funny, I can’t not laugh ^_^

    He definetly is one of the most interesting and fascinating people on the planet. ❤

  23. I have a suggestion for a discussion. Something I was thinking about the other day XD

    If you could have one day with Gackt, how would you spend it with him?

    • Nicola: I used yours this week, my original question needs a little more work before presenting it 8D;

  24. Oh cool. Yay! ^_^

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