Posted by: Jo | October 13, 2010

GACKT – 2011 Calendar Page

I want to stare at this page forEVER. ❤
2011 Calendar on



  1. I want…that calendar! >.<

  2. I want that calendar to ship out now so I can have it! O’_’O

  3. I want to badly!!! >.<

  4. i need this calendar!!! 😛

  5. I want it T___________T

  6. Uh! Me too! I seriously want a Gackt calendar~! I think though it would go with me where ever I went so I could look at it… Ha ha. (>u<)

  7. I want mine noooowwww… XD Even when it arrives, I have to wait til xmas to get it *pouts* Cos I would totally put it up now if I had it lol ^_^

  8. did he do the calendar shoot in Canada?

    • unofficialdear: I believe so – that cover picture was in the hotel room he was staying in, I think *__________*;;

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