Posted by: Jo | October 20, 2010

GACKT – Mahou no Restaurant 2010.10.20



  1. GACKT looks… different ._.

    • Misti: I can see what you mean @.@
      I’m thinking it’s probably a combination of his hair, lighting, and it might just be me but it looks like he lost a little weight in his cheeks? ;O;…. I love his pouty face ❤ XD

  2. what the hell?? i’m so hungry now!! XQ_
    @misty, different about what…?

  3. his voice got deeper… sexy..

  4. GACKTO-sama(*^^*)~♥!
    @Misti, he does look different…? (;▽;)~ RT

  5. He might have lost weight, and the lighting may have something to do with it too. He also isn’t as pale as usual.
    Not that he looks bad, just different -shrug-

  6. He definitely looks like he lost a bit of weight. He has been hitting the ground pretty hard, what with the tour both in Japan and Europe, Bunraku premieres, and Nemuri. It’s not really surprising but . . . mou. G needs sleep and good food and not to bust up his ankle. Sexy growly voice would be even more sexy if it weren’t for him being sick/messed-up throat from singing too much. He’s still a sexy beast, but I hope he takes a legit vacation soon. ❤ ❤

  7. Even though I can’t understand Japanese, I could listen to him talk all day lol. I love his deep voice ^_^

    And that smiles *sighs dreamily*

  8. I’ve noticed when he is Nemuri his skin is slightly darker. Also with Nemuri and Kenshin they put contouring makeup on the outside of the bridge of his nose (from beginning of eyebrow, faded downwards) to accentuate it I guess.
    He does look thinner in the cheeks though ) :>

  9. furesiya: It’s weird, I’ve noticed the thinness of his cheeks too…but only as Nemuri or Kenshin…I wonder why that is… o.O

  10. victoria: maybe they contour those too *3* It’s really hard to tell in this one though, the lighting is so angular~

    hehe I forgot to mention it made me laugh a little every time the interviewer giggled ^,^ she sounds so giddy~~ ❤

  11. He says he loves to eat “melt-in-your-mouth” meat, which is what we don’t get to eat here in the US because everyone is crazy about “low-fat” everything.

    I’d love to see G without makeup. I want to see the real GACKTO! And… I want him to grow his brows out like it was in the early days–I thought he looked better that way. Haha.

    • Maragaret: As a lover of meat myself, that sounds effing delicious lol
      I think in the first RR DVD there’s a DVD extra of the making of the opening movie, and in it you can see G working late with the staff and I don’t believe he has any make-up on, including contacts. He looks a little different but still remains beautiful if you ask me ^^ I dunno if it’s floating around YouTube anywhere but you can check =D
      Also, did he have make-up on King’s Brunch @.@;?….

  12. I agree he looks like he lost weight still freakin hot as hell tho! Ok so y r they talkin about meat anyway?can any1 translate?im hungry now!

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