Posted by: Jo | October 20, 2010

GACKT – Nemuri Blog 2010.10

Wow, I had no idea they had a blog there as well LOL
Anyway, I guess the blog is mostly about the final days of the play (the last show was today as a matter-of-fact~). No translations yet but I’m sure the pictures convey enough for now =]

Nemuri Blog 2010.10.10
Nemuri Blog 2010.10.11
Nemuri Blog 2010.10.12
Nemuri Blog 2010.10.13
Nemuri Blog 2010.10.14
Nemuri Blog 2010.10.15
Nemuri Blog 2010.10.16
Nemuri Blog 2010.10.17
Nemuri Blog 2010.10.19
Nemuri Blog 2010.10.20



  1. Gahh~ I wanna go to one of those plays, and the pictures make the desire all the worse. XD

  2. Oh that idiot…what is he thinking, being the first one in the training room every morning? *sigh…*

  3. who is holding the magazing with GACKT in it?? is she a cast member? the picture is stunning never the less!

    • Beth: I think it’s a staff or cast member @__@

  4. I want to go too *pouts* And I would give one of my fingers for one of those huge posters of G.

  5. Ano … ~////~ Is there a translation somewhere? Am I being blind, maybe? XP

    • thomanatter: No translation so far but I’ll keep my eyes peeled @.@
      Btw welcome to Camui Love 8D!

  6. *3* please let there be a dvd!!! this is all sooo dvd worthy!!!

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