Posted by: Jo | October 22, 2010

Discussions: CD Covers

This week’s question was asked by Aqua:

What’s your favorite GACKT CD cover?

I think we can extend this to singles as well as albums btw.
So… huh. Hard choice. XD
I think out of the albums I really love Crescent and Diabolos. Ironically, Crescent is the only one I don’t own *headdesks* but there’s something powerful in the use of the red-orange and blue of the cover that just draws you into the world of MOON, not to mention the use of perspecive in the shot… but maybe that’s just my art-brain talking XD. And Diabolos… GACKT looks really ethereal and yet the figure itself disturbs me. Which is probably why I like it so much LOL

As for singles, I love the dark atmosphere of Setsugekka and Black Stone.
… Obviously I am drawn to the darker side of things ;P

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. FARAWAY, Dears Ed.!!! Hahahaha, I’m such a fangirl *cough*

    But seriously…I’d have to say Seki-Ray. I love his whole get up, his pose, the vastness of the background, the composition of the whole picture, how they blackened the edges to make it look old/burnt…it’s like all of time stopped to watch this one gorgeous GACKT moment! XD And there’s just something about GACKT against snow backgrounds that’s just really really beautiful.

    Album-wise, it’d have to be MOON cuz it’s dark and sinister (what you said, Jo XD)

    • SkyeMyst: FARAWAY YESSSSSS~~!! XDD
      Mmm agreed with you on that ^^

      Oh I’m so glad someone else understands the call of darkness LOL XD

  2. His Diabolos Album! The cover is just AWESOME!

  3. For an album cover, it would be MOON and Crescent. For a single cover, it would be Koakuma Heaven.

  4. For albums, it’s gotta be MOON. I think his eyes are closed in that picture, but to me, it looks like his eyes are open, but without pupils. xD

    As for singles, it’s probably Lost Angels and Seki-ray.

    • Aqua: … I thought he had no pupils either. XD
      *runs off to check her MOON album*
      Yup, they’re pupil-less xD

  5. Diabolos and Moon.

  6. This is my first batch of suggestions for further questions. I have to tell you: you’ve done a lot, so it’s a bit difficult to come up with questions. Regardless, here are a few I can think.

    “What is your favorite GACKT merchandise?”
    “What is your favorite Platinum Box?”
    “What is your favorite GACKT side-project?”
    “What is your favorite thing about GACKT”?
    “What is your favorite GACKT storyline?”
    “When did GACKT make you laugh the most?”
    “Which is your favorite GACKT pet?”
    “Which GACKT song has the most amazing lyrics?”
    “Which GACKT song never gets old to you?”
    “What songs would you recommend to a new Dear to start out? This question would have to have a limit.”
    “What one word describes what GACKT is to you?”

    And finally, in response to one of the older questions which was “How did you get into GACKT?”, the ultimate question is obviously “Why do you love GACKT?”

    • Alex: Um… a few?! I think you’ve provided me with a lot of new questions haha!
      Interestingly enough, one of them is a question I’ve been working on for a bit 8D~
      But thank you, I’ll be sure to use a lot of these!

  7. No ni Saku Hana no Yō ni~ too pretty and just perfect :3~~~As soon as that came out I made a wallpaper of both black and white versions and kept it for a loooooooooong time <3~

    and both Returners are supper hot!

    Diabolos for albums. I still remember being incredibly impressed with Mars though (the entire 'booklet' )

    • furesiya: I have to agree about Mars’ booklet, that thing is gorgeous *___*

  8. I really like his No Ni Saku Hana No You Ni cover, It’s so pretty~ *_*

  9. i think i love the returner yami no shyunen covers best but the cover for the are you fried chickenz album is really simple and different to other GACKT covers so i love it too! ❤

  10. My favourite single cover is Redemption, cos I love FFVII and Gackt’s red leather outfit *grins*

    Favourite album cover. Hmm… probably Crescent. I love the colours used on it; it kinda captures the essence of Moon Child for me. Though the Diabolos cover is very cool too ^_^

  11. Favorite Album Cover: Love Letter, to be honest. It’s very simple, and the crumpled paper look with the printing just has an air of honesty to it. All of the music fits to the image we are prepared for by looking at the cover, songs of love lost and found again, scrunched in a ball in a dark corner somewhere.

    Favorite EP/Single Cover: Mizerable and EVER. Jesus Christ, that man is gorgeous in that cover. The purple-blue overtones give it a lonely feeling, fitting Lapis and Story so well, but his seated figure are more devil-may-care, which suit Letta and Mizerable itself fantastically. Plus, seeing Gackt as he first was and how he is now on the EVER cover (I’m thinking the regular edition one btw, though the DVD+CD cover is also an example of his badassery) side by side is just beautiful.

  12. Album: Moon… one of the very few times his deranged look has scared me.

    single: Another World, which is ironic because he isn’t even on the cover >.< but I love that style of photography, the vastness and the vibrant color… very fitting for a song that talks about going to the limit, no?

    I also love the cover for Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto. His face = angelic ❤

  13. i just found out this blog and lost in it! keep up the good work^_^

    album:moon- that cover is just perfect!
    single:redemption-cause i like his pose and the colors

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