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Discussions: Cyborgs or Vampires

Whew this one took me a little while to write – a bit of a doozy this week, sorry xD;

Which concept of GACKT’s do you like better: Requiem et Reminiscence or the MOON SAGA?

I thought I’d be nice and summarize these stories and concepts as best as I could since it could help with your decision and hey, maybe some of you don’t even really know what these stories are about lol. I do suggest going to Eien no Yume to read about MOON or Asakura’s Reports to get a better understanding of each concept, if not just for entertainment purposes =D
(btw, the 4th Asakura Report can be found here, translated by ashura_oh)
I’ll answer this one in the comments this week, as the post itself is going to be pretty long lol.

Requiem et Reminiscence is GACKT’s first concept and is covered through the Rebirth and RE:BORN albums and their respective tours and media. It is a story about the terrors of war, of love that transcends life itself; a story that questions humanity and what it really means to be human, and a desperate call for peace throughout the world.

The world of RR takes place during WWII and revolves around the stories of two different soldiers in the German army. The first RR revolves around PROTO, a high-ranking officer who willingly gives up his body and mind for scientific experimentation (or RR Project) in order to forget the pain and loss of his beloved, Elena. He becomes the first successful cyborg experiment and is unleashed out onto the battlefield, a true mass-murdering weapon. Unexpectedly, his human memories return and along with the pain and guilt of the horrible acts he’s committed, PROTO disappears from the battlefield for good.
RR II revolves around a soldier by the name of Ray Hartmann and his scientist friend Ryuuichi Asakura. Although PROTO’s body could not be found, the German scientists still retained all of his data and were now looking for a replacement body. Asakura, whom was jealous over Ray’s relationship with a girl named Maria, noticed how similar PROTO and his friend were. Seeing this as an opportunity to steal Maria away, he gave his friend up for experimentation. Ray’s memories were wiped clean, replaced with PROTO’s data, and thus ZERO was born, becoming the feared commander of a cyborg division of the army called G.H.O.S.T. But just like before, ZERO slowly began to regain his memories of his human life as Ray as well as PROTO’s life. As soon as he regained his memories, ZERO led the rest of the cyborgs in a revolt against the scientists, but all were destroyed. Asakura was filled with regret and apologized to ZERO, who forgave his friend. As ZERO began to fade, his dying wish was for war to vanish from this world and for peace to come.

The MOON SAGA is GACKT’s second concept and the more complex of the two. It is spread out in four chapters that take place over hundreds of years and revolves around the idea of life: what it means to exist, how there is purpose and reason for everyone’s existence, what it means to be human, exploring the light and dark sides of humanity, and the bonds between friends that remain even after death.
The MOON SAGA is covered through the MOON, Crescent, and DIABOLOS albums as well as the MOON photo books, tours, Moon Child, and other related media.

The first chapter is about the birth of a group of powerful people called the DARTS and takes place from the Kamekura to the Heian periods of Japan. Not much else is known about this part of the MOON SAGA but we get a glimpse into this period with songs like Setsugekka and Zan…
The second chapter takes place from the 15th to the 17th century and is about the fall of the DARTS into darkness. They created the Shito in order to fight their battles but they turned out to be quite weak. Once the Shito tapped into their powers, they found they were immortal but could not handle sunlight, thus becoming what we call vampires.
The third chapter focuses on the Shito and their lives as vampires as well as their battle against their creators. There are originally 13 but their numbers dwindle down to a single survivor. This chapter takes place from the 17th century into the modern-era.
The fourth and final chapter is completed with Moon Child, starting with Luka and Kei (Luka either being a Shito himself or created from one) and ending with Sho and Kei as they watch the sun rise together. This takes place from the modern-era to sometime in the near future.

Keep in mind that Gackt’s works are open to interpretation, so as a fan it is up to you to determine what the underlying message of these concepts means to you.
Good luck picking one guys XD

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. Typing all of this up really reminded me how much I adore and admire Gackt’s creative mind… it’s incredible how complex these stories are.

    Anyway, although I truly do love both, I think I love the concept of the MOON SAGA more. I can’t exactly put my finger on why, but… I love the exploration into the good and bad sides of humanity, the search for the reason to our existences… MOON just really resonates with me and I’m always inspired by it.
    Besides, he’s our moon too ne :p?

  2. i think i will have to agree with you too, although the RR story is easier to follow as it does not jump around time like the moon saga, i still love the complexity of the moon saga, it is really written well and the story has many little messages along the way. i also enjoy trying to work out how everything should fit together, only GACKT can put the beginning at the end and the end in the middle 😛

  3. I enjoy the imagery of the MOON saga more, as I’m not really a fan of WW anything, but the focus on ‘memories’ of the RR sequence speaks more of humanity to me.
    And I think its because there are fewer characters, and there for more of a chance to develop them, but I feel a stronger connection to RR than MOON.

    Again though, the imagery of MOON is <3~

  4. I’ll be honest, deep stories like this usually go in one ear and out the other with me because they’re kind of hard to follow and understand…but, I’m into the whole vampire thing so I’d have to say, although I don’t know much about it, MOON is my favorite. ^_^ I have seen Moon Child though, I just didn’t know it had things, like…before it.

    I’m not really into the whole cyborg…mechs…thing. You should have seen me try to watch Kamen Rider, I watched the whole thing only to find out that GACKT starred in it for three minutes… that was one hour of my life wasted. xD

  5. I am more fond of the Moon Saga myself, I think the fact that I love the songs and concerts from that story a lot really helps with the decision. Also the length and intricacy of the story really makes me love how deep it goes. I love the ideas of what it means to exists, the power of friendship, the dark and light side of human nature explored in this story.
    Plus, vampires are way cool. XD

  6. When I first began listening to G’s music, nearly 2 years ago, I was not aware that there was any conceptual story to his music. I was listening to his music because I loved it. Period. But, gee, what a deep thinker is GACKUTO. If he ever retires from music, it’s a no-brainer that he will be an author of stories and/or writer of movies.

    Thank you for the summaries! The stories and concepts got too complicated for my pea-sized brain to handle, so I never did follow them to the end. I like all of it!

  7. I always knew there were stories, but I never looked into them. ^^; After reading the summaries, I think I like RR better. I’ve always been fond of “memories” and stuff like that. And it’s also a lot more straight-forward. Although, World Wars have never interested me, but mass-murder weapons, lost love, love triangles and cyborgs are always awesome. But mostly the memories part. I ❤ memories.

    As for MOON, I'm never knew there were stories before Moon Child. Moon Child is really… something for me. When I watched it I felt like I was punched in the stomach or something. xD But the stories before it just don't seem THAT appealing to me.

  8. I also didn’t realize that there were stories. I guess it kinda went over my head. Swoosh! I’m not into WW II or cyborgs, but I do love vampire stories (except for Twilight, but that’s another issue…) so I’d have to say I like the whole Moon Saga the best.

  9. Wow lol. Took me a little while to read that, but it was really interesting; thanks for that, Jo 😀 I never knew there was such an extensive background for those concepts. I think G’s creativity is absolute genius.

    For me, the Moon Saga, cos I love the whole concept and those three albums are probably my favourite. Vampires are just so cool. There’s just something about them that’s… sexy ^_^ I don’t know why lol. If Gackt was a real vampire, I would totally let him bite me lol *grins*

  10. Hmm Tough one…im a huge fan of vamps and i loves moon and darkness and stuff lolz wow tho the consept behind both stories r just incredible… but im gonna have to go with cyborgs on this one cuz its just so heartbreaking and painful yet romatic in a way,or at least it is me lol and i think it kinda touches on wht humans are capable of,in a good and bad way u know…mankind knows no limits…yeah so ima go 4 cyborgs…tho vampGACKT is much hotter lol

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