Posted by: Jo | November 3, 2010

GACKT – YFC Swimsuit Live DVD!

Oooh I can hear the sounds of screaming fan girls everywhere~
There are three different versions to choose from, more info in the links below!

Thanks to xrytalmad and pyroyale at the Oh Gackt You Didn’t! Com. for the info!
YFC Swimsuit DVD Info
More DVD Info

You can purchase the DVD from one of the links under the Shopping Sites section =]



  1. T____T Is it wrong to say “I WANT THAT SPECIAL CONDOM!!!!!!!”? Because it sounds kind of wrong, but it’s 100% true. xD I would buy it, but it’s $107 Canadian dollars…. O_O

    Oh, and it also says Region 2… is it actually region 2?? Because I heard that it’s all region…

    • Aqua: Usually the concert DVDs are region-free unless they’re fan club ones (like DruG Party and YFC Otoko Matsuri). Since this isn’t a fanclub DVD I’m quite sure it’s okay for the rest of us =D

      Oh and… I don’t think it’s wrong but.. I would just die of embarrassment if I received that and my mom saw LOL

  2. Ohemgee… I want one too… (o////o)

  3. omg, this limited is completely inutile if you are single or without a great cell x°D

  4. ….this has an amusing gift… maybe i will just get the normal version so to save embarrassment ^_^
    they are quite expensive but when it comes to GACKT stuff i just close my eyes and press pay 😛

  5. i just realised it isn’t released until the 2nd of Febuary…that is too long 😦

  6. Hi,

    Um.. people, isn’t this a waste of money?
    What will you have with it…

    • Itae: Well for most fans, anything with GACKT in it is a must have XD;
      The DVD is a live performance so I think a lot of fans would enjoy that just because it’s GACKT and Job doing what they do best~
      Even if he wasn’t in a bathing suit, I think people would still buy it just because it is him and his music y’know?
      Personally, I say that if you have the cash to spare, go out and support him by buying the DVD ^^

  7. OMG I must have this 😀 The dvd, not the condom lol. I’ve been waiting for a YFC dvd to come out since I saw him at London. Yay! ^_^ Ooh I’m so excited.

    I love Gackt, but he’s slowly draining my bank account… Well, my mum’s bank account lol. I’m like “can I have this xmas? I want this dvd for xmas”. She’s so understanding of my love for him lol. I’m clocking up a few dvds now, I have Diabolos and RRII has been put away for xmas. Now I want the YFC one lol. *ahem* sorry for my rambling, I’m excited lol.

  8. Hmm, I may buy the special one cos of the extra footage. Extra footage is awesome. My birthday is at the end of January so it would make a nice pressie. Just told my mum, “yeah and it comes with a special condom”. She just laughed and said “why am I not surprised” LOL ^_^

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