Posted by: Jo | November 3, 2010

Vote for GACKT for Independent Artist of the Year 2010!!!

GACKT’s been nominated for Independent Artist of the Year for Billboard Japan – let’s make sure he wins!
Billboard Japan

And here’s a guide on how to vote for those who are not in Japan, courtesy of pyroyale:
How to Vote



  1. VOTED 😀

  2. I voted too! ^_^ And just to let everyone know, you can vote more than once… *shifty eyes* although It’s dishonest, I did it anyway. XD

  3. totally voted!

  4. voted! XD

  5. I voted!

  6. i voted too!! 🙂

  7. I voted !!

  8. Hello,

    I’m a guy, just to say.

    What is strange about his nomination
    is – the category.
    “Independent Artist of the Year”
    According to my knowledge and understanding of music industry, independent or indie acts aren’t signed to major companies, while are working, producing etc. on their own, without big money support.

    Why is GACKT nominated in this category?
    He’s an major act, he signed to AVEX GROUP.
    Yes, there’s DEARS, but does we know anything about it, except it’s his own label?

    • Itae: Welcome to Camui Love!

      I think this question was asked last year as well (he was also nominated in 2010 in the same category), though I honestly can’t remember the answer…
      But looking at the site and the list of the nominees, the word “independent” doesn’t exactly mean what it should lol. The categories are Pop, Classic, Jazz, and Independent. I’m assuming that if you do not produce music that is strictly defined as pop, jazz, or classical, then you are placed into the Independent category. Major acts such as VAMPS, Dir en Grey, MUCC, and Orange Range are also in the same category as GACKT, so…. perhaps it’s just a bad choice of wording?

  9. He again,

    Billboard.. Who cares anyway?
    But I think he might win because of Eu. tour,
    voting, I don’t belive very much to that.
    VAMPS were nominated in this category, and than had won a award for their American debut.

    Money moves around Music Industry today,
    only money..

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