Posted by: Jo | November 12, 2010


The site’s been updated with new kimono, modeled and designed by GACKT under the theme of “blood” (ooo~)
If you click on each of the banners, a full picture will pop up =D
Nemuri Kimono: Blood Model Concept

These kimono pics will also be featured in the magazine CD&DL 2010.12, which goes on sale tomorrow. You can order it on
CD&DL 2010.12 Magazine

And here’s a translation of each of the kimono names by amaiakuyume:
Nemuri Kimono Names


  1. Heh, I’m liking those pictures. I especially like the SHIBUKI one. His stance is like ‘come get some’ lol ^_^

  2. these are pretty 🙂 GACKT looks great in all of the photos my favourite designs are kagura and rose blood just thought i would add that 😛

    ketsumyaku, utakata and kamyaku (not GACKT modeling them, following the link from the page which has name translations) are very beautiful i would gladly wear any of those 🙂

  3. Orochi, Ketsumyaku, and Kagura are probably my favorite kimono, but Gackt wears them all wonderfully. I especially enjoy his bedazzled eyepatch LOL

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