Posted by: Jo | November 17, 2010

GACKT – Camui Gakuen Pics

Various pictures taken of the lives, backstage, and of some Nemuri cast members who went to support GACKT =D

Thanks to shinnosu1969, dyan25 at the OGYD!Com., and for the following links and pics!
Look, it’s Seito Kaichou~!
Nemuri cast members Natsuko and Anzu join in the fun!
Camui G Fukinasai Pics
Camui G Fukinasai Pics 2
Camui G Fukinasai Pics 3

Also, the goods site is now selling the purple Camui G track suit. … Can I have the model *_____*?!
Camui G Track Suit



  1. They should bring Camui Gakuen and Nemuri Kyoshiro to America, that would be so awesome! o.o

    And yeah, forget the track suit…I want the model~! How much do you think that would cost, more than the track suit?!

  2. Can you imagine putting a price on Gackt like at an auction or something? LOL. Imagine the cash that woud be flowing round the room XD

    I think he’s gonna cost slightly more than the tracksuit lol. There should be note beneath: “Gackt not included” ^_^

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