Posted by: Jo | November 19, 2010

GACKT – Seito Kaichou Blog 2010.11.20

“Seito Kaichou” is sad he couldn’t put together some Christmas shows this year, but instead urges the rest of the “student body” to attend the Nemuri Kyoshiro shows.
Gotta love this man ❤
Seito Kaichou Blog 2010.11.20

Thanks to amaiakuyume and ashura_oh for translating!
amaiakuyume: Blog Translation
ashura_oh: Blog Translation

*Note: You must have an LJ account and comment on ashura-oh’s journal or pm her that you came to her site through this one and that you would like to read her translations, then wait for her to add you to her f-list. If everything’s squared away, you should be able to view this with no problems =]



  1. I have LJ account, but still it not let me in T___T it says. Access is denied.

    • bastete1992: ashura_oh needs to add you back to her f-list first before you can read her translations. If you’re still denied you just need to wait until she does so (she’s very busy though so it may take a while ^^; ). However, amaiakuyume’s translations are available to the public, so anyone can read them even if you don’t have an LJ account :3 I’d suggest reading hers for now if you can’t read ashu’s.

  2. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~

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