Posted by: Jo | November 26, 2010

GACKT – JUNON 2011.01 Scans + Interview

GACKT is featured with Kanata Hongo, otherwise known as “Little Sho” from Moon Child x3~~

Thanks to pyroyale for the scans and to amaiakuyume for translating the article!
JUNON 2011.01 Scans
JUNON Interview Pt.1
JUNON Interview Pt.2



  1. Omg tht was the cutest thing ever! Tho wht he said about his love life was rather heartbreaking to read… T_T poor GACKT sama i hope he really finds sum1 to make him happy

  2. Omg is that little Sho!? Aww, he’s all grown up ^_^

    That was the most endearing interview I’ve ever read. I love their brother-like relationship; so adorable. It was rather sad when he mentioned his love life; made my heart bleed for him.

    Pfft, even when he reaches 40 he’ll still be the coolest person on the planet. He’ll still just be Gackt. Even at 37, I don’t think of him as middle-aged. Just Gackt ^_^

  3. I know rite the guy is ageless

  4. I can’t believe he was 29 when Moon Child was out. I thought like 25 or something.

    I remember when I found out earlier this year he was 37. I was like “whaaaaaa?” I think he looks amazing for 37 *grins*

  5. Omg me too i thought he waz 25 too lmao i couldnt believe when i heard he was 37 i waz like nah its a lie!i mean who can look this awesome at 37?only GACKT!

  6. Haha yeah, only G can look THAT good for 37. He’s like 15 years older than me and I would totally date him *sighs wistfully* He’s the only person I would go over my ‘age limit’ for LOL! *ahem* ^_^

    • Nicola: Agreed. XD

  7. Hahaha omfg im gonna have to agree with u on tht one also!dears beware XD

  8. Hehe XD

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