Posted by: Jo | November 26, 2010

GACKT – Message! to Asia Charity Item

As you may or may not remember, this upcoming month GACKT will be participating in Message! to Asia, a charity event for children alongside other Asian celebrities. GACKT will be auctioning a special item at the event that will be revealed at the event itself. It has been with him since the start of his career – what could it be?

Thanks to MusicJapan+ for the info!
GACKT’s special item for charity



  1. You 😉

  2. LOL! It does sound like You. Imagine the money if Gackt auctioned himself lol ^_^

  3. “It is something that had been with me ever since I started my solo activities in 1999 and it is a companion, much like a lover to me. However, even though it has such a meaningful existence to me, I would like the disadvantaged children in Asia to make their dreams come true. With the thought, of maybe being able to have yet another kid smile, I decided to provide it for the charity event.”

    Aww, that was so touching. >.< I wish I could participate.

  4. Is it one of his guitars . . . ? O.O

    • Nikki: People have been saying that. Or a piano. But it’s very up in the air still @___@;

  5. Oh wow, would be amazing if it was a guitar, or even better: a piano XD

  6. i’ve been thinking that maybe it was the pendant his ex-girlfriend gave him…the chain broke in 1999 but he bought a new chain and still wears it…it might be that

    • steph: Oh that’s a good point too! So many options ne o.o…

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