Posted by: Jo | December 9, 2010

GACKT – Nemuri Kyoshiro Box Set CM 2010.12.09

Well, I know what I’m getting for Christmas. LOL



  1. I WISH I could get this for Christmas… or my birthday, but my parents would never buy it for me. T_T And my friends already bought me other stuff… (The Gift photobook~~ohohoo~). I guess I’ll have to wait until someone scans it. 😦

  2. Gordie can &*($^# that %^&* ! copyright and @#$%^$ it.

    • Sageyoku: It’s back up now ^.^~
      Hopefully it doesn’t go down either D:

  3. So is this the photo book with the making of dvd?

    • Nicola: Yup, that’s it @.@~

  4. Thanks Jo! Sorry for grumbling!

  5. O.O . . . I want. But I bet the DVD is in Region 2 coding . . . I’ll have to pick up a cheapo DVD player from ebay then. XD

    • Nikki: I think some computers can be changed to play Region 2 when you put a disc in it. Mine does that, hope yours does too 8DDD~!

  6. Nikki: Some dvd players you can change the region to multi-region. I found out how to do that to mine from the internet to play a region 2 dvd and it worked fine.

    I think if you enter your dvd’s make and model number in a search and put something like ‘region 2’it might come up with instructions on up on how to change it so it will play region 2 dvds. Don’t worry it doesn’t harm your dvd player, it’s basically jusy pressing a few buttons here and there 🙂 Saves you having to buy a new dvd player.

  7. Omg, I want it sooo much XD

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