Posted by: Jo | December 12, 2010

Site Update 2010.12.12 // Temporary Hiatus

Hi everyone!

Well this isn’t really an “update” per say, but anyways I just wanted to apologize for not posting our usual discussion topic last Friday… or anything else for that matter. It’s finals time for me and I’ve been rushing all over the place, so I won’t be able to resume my regular posting until this Friday (12/17).

I hope you all understand and again I’m sorry for the inconvenience >.<;;!!




  1. good luck on your exams ❤ thanx for all of your hard work

  2. Good luck with your finals, Jo ^_^

  3. I’m hitting finals too so I know the feeling. Good luck to you, jo. the same to everyone who is in the same boat!

  4. that is fine, ^_^ good luck with your exams i hope you do very well 🙂

  5. Dont worry about it!good luck on ur finals!ganbatte ne!

  6. good luck~! Ganbatte ne!!

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