Posted by: Jo | December 31, 2010

Featured: Moon-Struck!

It’s beeen a while since I’ve done one of these @.@;;…

Anyway, Moon-Struck is an English translation site created and maintained by none other than Amaiakuyume. It’s purpose is to help fans gain a better understanding and appreciation for GACKT’s works as well as provide accurate information on the man himself and related projects. Lyrics to all of GACKT’s songs (in their original Japanese, Romanji, and English counterparts) can be found here and if I’m not mistaken I believe translations to his blogs, interviews, etc. will be found here sometime in the future as well :3

Please check out the site when you can, it’s truly wonderful!
And if I may say so myself, a big congrats to Amaiakuyume for finally getting the site up and running and thank you for everything you do for the fandom ♥



  1. Oh I love the picture, with the symbol and that. Very pretty.

  2. this site looks really useful i will definitely visit it whenever i need to know some lyric translations, or just want to read some of his works! ❤

  3. Thanks so much for the feature 😀 Happy new year!

    • Amaiakuyume: You’re welcome – Happy New Year to you too 8D~!

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