Posted by: Jo | January 1, 2011

GACKT – Emperor’s Soccer Cup 2011.01.01

GACKT appeared and sang Japan’s national anthem, Kimi Ga Yo~

Thanks to the following sites for the pics:



  1. Thank you for sharing!! I was holding my breath…his voice is AWESOME.

    • Sageyoku: You’re welcome x3!
      Yeah… his voice is wonderful. And to hear it echo across the stadium or the thousands of fans sing along with him is just.. ♥_____♥

  2. Wow! Nicely sung; strongly sung. What an honor it must have been to be chosen to sing the anthem at the very first soccer game of the new year–the Emperor’s Cup! It shows how much Gackt has moved up in many people eyes, I think. And, he sure knows how to look sharp when has to! Go GACKUTO!

    I hope everyone is enjoying the new year!

    • Margaret: Agreed – I want to see him move even further up in the world soon >w<~~
      I love how classy he looks, practically kills me everytime @___@

  3. Ooh I got shivers listening to that. Love it when he sings acapella. His voice just makes me go *melts* And he looks so suave ^_^

    Football/soccer holds no interest for me, but I would gladly sit through an entire game if I got to listen to Gackt sing at a match lol.

    • Nicola: Ditto XD

  4. Damn this guy leaves me breathless everytime! Such a powerful voice…

  5. Love his voice keep it up Gackto-sama. Your greatness has reached fans of all type. Though just can’t help but notice that he was mobbed at the mic by all the cameras sheesh he’s a god for just being amble to ain’t with that many people around him and in the sun that he hates.

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