Posted by: Jo | January 7, 2011

GACKT to voice a guest role in Supernatural anime!

Supernatural is an original American tv series in which a pair of brothers hunt down supernatural creatures and other phenomena across the United States. It has been made into an anime and GACKT will be voicing the role of Andy, a man who has received special powers from a demon and is one of the “Special Children.” His character appears in the last episode of the first season of the anime.
The original Supernatural series is one of GACKT’s favorites and he will make a guest appearance at the world premiere of the anime version on February 3rd.

Thanks to the following sites for the info!
Supernatural OHP
Anime News Network



  1. Hi Jo :D!!!

    Happy New Years!!! Hope everything’s good for you in 2011!!
    I wonder where the world premiere will be….but I’m guessing it’d be in Japan (?)

    • Lucy: Same to you x3~
      I’d assume so as well, but who knows @.@;

  2. I love Supernatural! Such an awesome show. Scary too; made me shriek out loud a few times lol.

    How cool would it be if Gackt ever guest starred in the original series. Like a vampire! That would be sweeeet ^_^

  3. Is this anime version for a Japan release only? If so, the characters will speak in Japanese, right?

    • Margaret: I’m sure it will be distributed overseas later, especially since there’s already a strong fanbase for the show here :3
      Umm I have a feeling if it showed overseas, it would most likely be dubbed, but there would be options on the DVDs to keep the original audio and do subs. Most likely it’ll find it’s way to YouTube with it’s original audio in tact ;D

  4. Nicola: ur idea made me shriek lol tht wud be soo awesome! And hell yeah im watchin this…did any1 here watch shiki btw? Who thought tht was too short *raises both hands* XD

  5. GACKT has so many voice roles in anime recently! this is exciting (although i have never watched supernatural – i have heard of it and mean to watch it at some point, so this anime should be very good! ❤

  6. I would seriously recommend the original series. It’s very good.

    Whenever something happens to Dean I end up crying ‘Deeeeeean’ out loud. Does anyone else do this? No? Just me then. I’m so sad lol XD

    If Gackt was ever in the original series I would die. That would be so awesome. Then I could cry ‘Gaaaaackt’ out loud lol. Omg we should start a petition ^_^

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