Posted by: Jo | January 14, 2011

Discussions: Just Like G

First off, I apologize for not making a Discussion post last week. I caught the cold and well… yeah.
BUUUUUT now we can start the new year with our first Discussion post, yaaaay :D~!

Have you picked up any of GACKT’s habits, views, or way of doing things?

It’s hard not to be influenced by him in some way, I think lol.
I’ve always been a pretty ambitious person but watching GACKT push himself over and over again, well.. it just makes me that more determined in whatever I do. He’s also given me the confidence to pursue my dreams, which I will always be grateful for. I’ve also adopted some of his ideals as my own. As far as habits go… I catch myself standing like GACKT from time to time (hands on the pants and all that XD; ) and I get about 3 or less hours of sleep when college work piles up on me ^^;;; There’s probably more but I can’t think of them at the moment…

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. Hey hope u feel better soon! I picked up his habbit of drivin around and tellin cute girls to come here lol
    umm i actually started thrashing around while singing like gackt lmfao nobody laugh XD XD XD

    • yuki: LOL okay the GACKT way of dancing is the only way to dance to his songs, you can’t help but do it! XD

  2. i hope you feel better now 🙂

    i have become very competitive, since GACKT always says it is so important to do you best and win ❤ i was always competitive, but GACKT has made me more so 😛

    • Beth: Ditto – and yes I’m feeling much better 8D~!

  3. Umm 4 future discussions how bout…if there was one thing u could change about G wht would it be? We all adore him and think hes fuckin awesome …but i can think of one thing i wud change XD

    • yuki: Oooh good suggestion! I’ll add it to the list xD

  4. how are you feeling now?

    i’ve been dogged in my determination to grab a scholarship. hahaha… applications haven’t even started yet. and i wiggle my but a lot when singing these days. lol.

    • EmpressXenix: Feeling fine as a feather ^^~

      Oooh, good luck in those! They are quite frustrating and tiring ne x___x;?
      Ahahaha that’s cute though XD

  5. Yes – because of him, I started messing up a certain set of kanji in a number of handwritten essays. To be precise, I started to write 変人 instead of 恋人. Look it up yourself, I guarantee a laugh (my teachers always did). It’s all because he once stated in a TV show that he did so in a loveletter in primary school, which he got back from the girl with all mistakes marked in red. Am I glad I don’t write loveletters, hahaha.

    Hope you already got better, dear!

    • Ashu: Thaanks, I am now 83
      You know it’s thanks to reading your guyses translations and his way of writing that I can’t look at kiai the regular way anymore. I remember the proper kanji came up and I was like “…What the heck does that mean?” XDD
      Aaah but that story is cute~ lol

  6. ^
    that would be a bit awkward 😛 not exactly very romantic ❤

  7. I catch myself saying “no good”. It’s funny when I think about it, because normally I don’t pick up mannerisms from people I have no personal contact with.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    @ ashura_oh: That is funny. lol, I’d love to see that love letter he wrote. It’d probably be hilarious to read. Though I’d have to translate it first. *headdesk*

  8. One of the important lessons we can get from him is that we should always do our best at whatever we do, no matter how trivial the activity may be. Not only does it build character, but it shows the type of individual you are to yourself and others. It’s not a matter of win or lose–just do your honest best. Now, if I could only do my honest best while cleaning the house, without breezing though it and “missing” spots…

    • Margaret: Mhmm well said!
      Hahaha well cleaning is quite the tedious chose, I can understand why you’d graze over it once in a while.
      I wish I had the same discipline as he does when it comes to things like exercising though, so intense… I wouldn’t go completely all out like he does, but if I could manage to fit it into my tight schedule I’d be incredibly happy @___@;

  9. Whenever one of his songs come on that calls for the side to side flailing arms dance, I stand up and do it, no matter where I am haha. Oh, G, thanks for revolutionizing the dorky dance. ❤

    I took a particular message away from EVER, though, especially the lines "Whatever they say never change your way." G is all about the preservation of individuality and confidence, and I'm thankful he's set out to remind all of us about that.

    • Nikki: Hahaha yeah I find myself swaying like him to a lot of his music while driving in my car xD
      Oh EVER has such a great message ❤

  10. Well we eat ramen the same way. xD But I was eating that way before I was a fan so… ^_^ And our views of video games are the same too. I remember him saying in an interview that if a video game can make you feel what the makers wanted you to feel, then it’s a good game and the makers did a good job (or something like that). But that again, was something I believed before I knew him. There’s probably little things that I’ve picked up, but I can’t think of any at the moment. ^_^

  11. @Beth: It’s probably good that I never got into loveletters then, huh? XD

    @Rin: Oh, I’d love to see that, too! Don’t think he’d ever show it though, if he still has it. Hahaha!

    @Nikki: That’s what I love about “EVER”, too. 🙂 It can be a very useful song when I’m feeling stubborn again. *lol*

    Ah, and I remember something else. He got me into karê and kimchi. Mmm…

  12. @Nikki: omg u do the thrashing around dance too?lmao

  13. Yeah, when blasting out G on my stereo in my room, I bop about lol. So pleased my parents haven’t come in and caught me doing that. How embarassing that would be XD

    I love the confidence he oozes. He’s just… so cool! *grins* I wish I had confidence like that ^_^ Having said that, if it weren’t for G, I wouldn’t have gone to London on my own to see him live. Seriously, I wouldn’t have bothered for anyone else XD I felt empowered and brave for doing that lol. So yeah, maybe he’s instilled a bit of confidence and self-belief in me. And I love him for it ❤

    @yuki: Awesome suggestion for future discussion XD

  14. Nicola I’m with you here. I panic going to the shopping centre at times if it’s crowded and hate flying, but managed to fly from England to Japan with my daughter to see GACKT. I’m certain I would NEVER have done something so bold if it were not for his influence. I’m so proud to have done it, and had the most amazing adventure. On the downside – his competitive nature and use of the ‘f’ word seem to have rubbed off – I was caught on video accidentally shouting it out at a party whilst playing nintendo! And the rotten blighters put it on facebook!

  15. @ ashura_oh : For sure, it’s a definite pick-me-up. I love how he celebrates something that a lot of people seem to try to avoid.

    @ yuki : Of COURSE I thrash about. XD

  16. LOL Yeah, I did. XD

    When he gives interviews or says something in general, he often tends to humm his approval or humm a “yes” or humm while thinking about what to say. I don’t know how to name or describe it. I often catch myself doing the same during my Japanese lessons.

    Then I absolutely hate crowded places and I can be very competitive.

  17. I originally thought I’ve never picked up G-habits until I was brushing my teeth last night and realized how he used to say he brushes his tongue until he starts to have the throw up feeling…..

    Yeahhh….I started to do that too LOL!! I guess we all have a bit of G in us!! @__@

  18. I guess this could be called an epic fail…

    I mispronounce words…like Maria…
    Typical= Ma-re-ah
    Gackt (and me)= Mah-ri-ah

    Hard to explain but you trying talking to your Spanish/Mexican clients and mispronouncing Santa Maria

    • Light: Oh I can understand that very well – half of my family is from El Salvador and although I don’t speak Spanish fluently, I can say a little here and there. Gackt inspired me to go ahead and take some Japanese lessons and now because of that and from listening to him and tv shows for years, I can’t speak Spanish as properly as before. There tends to be a slight Japanese accent and it takes me a couple of tries before saying it correctly xD;

  19. Lucy–yeah, I brush my tongue, too, right as I’m finishing up brushing my teeth, but not because G does it, but because it’s a part of good oral hygiene (been doing it for eons).

    DPR–it’s one of those typical habits among Japanese speakers, kind of like our mmm… uumm… uh huh… and other non-verbal-like expressions.

  20. *really has to wonder how many people, including G, understand the full implications of brushing your tongue all the way to the back* ._.;;

    Anyway, if I think about this… I’ve never felt that influenced by G. Yes, he inspires me, but it’s been more like I found in him a confirmation of what I already believed, if that makes sense. I guess other people find it fun, but I’ve never felt the need to pick up any of his habits. Guys, he’s weeeeird xD

    The one thing he has had an influence on me in, is actually the thing I disagree with him most on- tradition and gender roles. Maybe I’ve naturally changed as I’ve grown older, but I’ve tried out a bunch of more feminine things, wearing skirts and make up and perfume. I intend to keep doing a lot of it, and it does make me happy somehow, but I still fundamentally disagree with him that there’s no “right” way to be feminine, and I still don’t like the fact that I feel like he adds to the social pressure for girls to act and look a certain way. Still, being exposed to his views, and having long imaginary arguments with him (lol) have forced me to consider and solidify my views on what I think being a woman is, and what I would want from a partner.

    • Amaiakuyume: A question on that – was he suggesting for women to do that or does he do it himself? Because if it’s the latter, uuuhhh…..
      Oh that’s a great way of describing his influence on you. LOL hell yes he is but I’m not surprised I picked up a couple of his habits. I mean I picked up You’s laughter for a while and now I think it’s a mix of my friend’s and G’s laughed-so-hard-on-knees type of laugh. I dunno, I tend to be attracted to odd behaviors or sounds lol.
      Ahahahaha well at least some good came out of his long, headdesky rants xP

  21. Amai–let’s hope G was just kidding when he said he brushes his tongue all the way to the back (I think so).

    I think that much of what he spouts out can act as that extra encouragement for some people. But, some of the other things he says definitely makes you scratch your head, if not disagree with him outright.

    We all hope that he will find his love someday, but I do wonder if he ever will find her because of his ideologies and perfectionist mentality. One thing is for sure, she better be able to put up with his three hour sleep schedule; his scrutinizing of everything; and navigating a house with little or no lighting (haha). Well, it could be that he himself will have to do a lot of the sacrificing if finding a woman to his specifications doesn’t turn up.

  22. Also, I just remembered one more thing… due to a large percentage of my exposure to Japanese language being through him, when I talk I often end up starting my sentences with,

    “Maa, *long pause*…”


  23. I haven’t seen the original Japanese source for the tongue brushing thing, though, knowing him, he knows full well what it means and is deliberately screwing with us.

  24. @Jo: Right, the kiai problem. XD;; I’m glad I still recognise the original writing. And that I never had to use that word in a test, because I’d finally screw it up sure as hell. XD

    Hm, I think apart from the kanji I don’t really have him “influence” me. I might try things that interest me, like food or some kind of activity, but I still choose actively what is interesting and what’s not, I don’t do something just because he’s doing it or mentioning it. I don’t dress differently, and most things actually go right past me, haha. I love to tease him though, hm… maybe I’ve become more of a tease since I’m in the fandom? I have no idea! *lol* It might be natural. ;P

  25. Heh, I had to post this here ^_^ I have picked up Gackt’s habit for cute fluffy things. I’m getting a puppy next week for my birthday *squeals* I’ve wanted one for YEARS (I’m 23 on my birthday and have wanted one since I was like 5 lol), and was soooo jealous G had not one, but three lol. Now I’m getting my own ^_^

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