Posted by: Jo | January 14, 2011

Fan Project – GACKT X-Mas Project Update

Well I have good news Dears:
The album was sent to GACKT on December 10th! There were 37 postcards from 11 different countries, and the album included various pictures from fans that were sent in. There will be pictures of the album coming soon, but you can all rest with ease now – another fan project has been accomplished ;D~!

Thanks to all who participated, and thank you to mitsukishiroi for putting the project together!



  1. that is great thank you for the news!! ❤

  2. Omg thank you so much for the update!i was dying of curiousity! Im so happy!

  3. And sorry for bugging u so much jo lol

    • yuki: It’s fine, I knew you were dying of anticipation xD;

  4. Cant wait 4 the photos! I wonder if it reached G …lol too much excitement maybe? Lol sorry 4 bugging u earlier jo XD

  5. Ohh~ awesome! I hope it reached him. ^_^

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