Posted by: Jo | January 19, 2011

GACKT – Home’s Party

Okay, this is pretty interesting.
So Home’s Party is an interactive site where there’s a house party and you can interact with different people at the party and objects as well. The whole point of this interactive site is for you to guess who the guest of honor is at this house party (but no surprise – it’s GACKT). I think there’s a contest going on to have a house party hosted by a famous person, but I’m not really sure about it ^^;
Home’s Party Interactive Site

And these are some of the videos from the site. YOU and Chachamaru look gorgeous~!

I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s pretty obvious who this is, even with the pixels and change of voice XD



  1. XDDDD of course is Gackt XDD he the one who talking in this way in the end of something like this
    made me laugh so much

  2. I can’t get passed the funny voice!!!

  3. Omg, his voice lol. Yeah you can kinda tell it’s G, just from the pauses he takes between what he says and the way he says it. Even if it’s squeaky lol ^_^

    And Chacha and YOU are looking very nice indeed.

  4. Wow, it IS pretty obvious! They way he talks and carries himself is just a huge giveaway!!!!

    (not to mention the skull at 1:34, and his handwriting at the end)

  5. I love the French music. That’s very Gackt. XD

  6. Oh and in the contest, the winner I think receives one of the rooms/flats/whatevers with a full year’s lease done and paid for? That’s what I got from my meagre translations. Wish I lived in Japan. XD

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