Posted by: Jo | January 21, 2011

GACKT – YFC Europe Tour DVD + CD 2011.03.30

Thaaaat’s right~!
There will be a Live CD album and DVD of GACKT’s YFC performance in Bochum, Germany – the final day of the Europe leg of the 2010 tour. Some of the English performances of certain songs will also be available, but this is subject to change.

You can pre-order the CD and DVD from one of the links under the Shopping Sites section =]



  1. Is it bad that I preordered two days before you posted this . . . ? >< All of my money goes to this man and his memorabilia. I think I have a problem. XD

    • Nikki: No I don’t think so LOL I noticed it a few days ago as well but I was too busy to make a post.. and sometimes too lazy. XD;
      I know what you mean though, my money I’ve been saving is gonna go to him soon x___x;

      • I feel like he should have a support group for all the fans that go broke and destitute for love of him. XD

  2. this is very exciting i have yet to pre order it.. but it will be mine!!!!! 😛 ❤

  3. Ah, so this is different to the other YFC dvd that’s available in Feb? I’m glad I didn’t pre-order that one yet then lol. I’ll definetly be pre-ordering this.

  4. Ashu: Oh goodness, thank you for commenting on that hun, I missed that @____@!!!
    It’s been deleted n.nb

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