Posted by: Jo | January 28, 2011

Discussions: Favorite Outfit

I thought I covered all of the favorite questions already but they keep popping up xD;

What is your favorite outfit that GACKT has worn?

Such a hard question really. Or maybe unfair, because I want to spam this post with picture after picture LOL.
In general though, I really love GACKT in traditional clothing…

Any outfit with black, white, or a combination of the two…

Umm… no shirt on is still considered an outfit, right :D?

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. I have to say the black/white leather trenches from the Moon tours. I remember seeing those for the first time and my jaw dropping. Definitely one of the most gorgeous designs I’ve ever seen, and he wore them both so beautifully. His YFC non-outfit was lovely, too….. all that skin. X3 All of his outfits in the 2011 calendar were great, too, but I have to say that the Moon trenches are my favorite favorites.

  2. Any kimono. ^_^ But I think my favourite one is the one he wore for the Cool-Up magazine.

  3. Why, the plushy cat costume of course! XD And when, during his MM times, he wore the Darth Vader suit. The only moment in my fantime when my knees got REALLY weak. *lmao*

    • Ashu: LOL that was a great moment XD

      • What, Darthy or the plush cat? XD

      • Ashu: Both, but I was mostly talking about Darthy. XD

  4. Hmm… is outfit in Moon Child. All black with a white long jacket filled with hidden guns… :Q____

  5. Heh, easy one for me. Genesis’ outfit from the Redemption video *grins*

    Gackt + red leather = yummy! XD

    Though to be fair, the man looks good in almost anything ^_^

  6. I gotta say the outfit he wore in Setsugekka def. My fave tho yfc was so hot! *nosebleed*

    • Why, cos he took off his shirt? Lol! Yeah, that’s a veeeerrry nice one too XD I love the YFC one Jo has posted at the top *drools*

  7. As much as I love the shirtless outfit..I’d go for the traditional japanese samurai. He pulls off that look like no other man out there! Feminine..yet so so so so masculine. UNF

    • unofficialdear: Agreed 100% There’s just something about him in a kimono or samurai armour that’s just…. @____@…

  8. I so agree with GACKT in traditional outfits (not just the kimono or armour – I think he’ll look good in a hakama as well haha).

    I also second the black and white outfit combi (esp. when he wears his fave D&G form-fitting top haha) but I’ll like to add that the outfit should go with knee-high, black, tassle-fringed boots and also frameless-rimless clear glasses :p (i.e. what GACKT wore when he guested on Shin Domoto Kyodai early in 2009).

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