Posted by: Jo | January 31, 2011


I’m sensitive to my connections with people.
[I’d choose] 10 friends over many acquaintances.
[I’d choose] 1 close friend over 10 friends.

I was really antisocial during Malice Mizer days. I didn’t try to communicate with other people at all, and didn’t even make friends. But after I went solo, I changed my attitude a little. I realized [my old ways] were no good.
Before I became a solo artist, I used to think “We’re musicians, so we don’t need to communicate!!”, but I realized that was a huge excuse.
It’s like, if [a potter] said “We just need to be turning our potter’s wheels, so we don’t need to be able to communicate very well with people”, you’d want to ask them “Then, you say it’s OK to just keep making those teacups of yours? But how are you going to make a living without selling them to people?” Things ultimately don’t go well unless you have good communication skills.
I also didn’t want people to think I wasn’t enthusiastic about work just because I sucked at communication, and I realized for the first time that [the lack of communication] was a negative factor for myself. This is the reason why I’m very perceptive about my relationships with people now.
When I realized I needed to make friends and broadened my network of friends, many people started gathering around me, and I made many friends. At the same time, I really felt a sense of shallowness. I think it’s risky to blindly believe that a friend you just made is a good person. It’s impossible to know who’s really good unless you make many friends and pick [a few] from among them, because there are many people who are just nice on the surface. Also, you absolutely can’t tell [whether someone is nice] unless you take your time with them. This is true not just about people but about everything else. Let’s take a personal computer, for example. If someone says “This computer is incredible!” even though he’s only ever had that one computer, then what he says is just his assumption and he doesn’t truly know whether it’s good or not. You can be aware of advantages only after using many computers. The same thing can be said about cars. You’ll be able to recognize great things about a car only after riding many other cars. This [principle] applies to everything.
Unless you meet many people and go through various experiences, you couldn’t know what the real deals are. We should meet many people, interact with them, and then make our choices. And then we should maintain the friendships with those that we chose with a long-term perspective in mind. The thirties are still times for experiences. In this regard, you’ll only find your true friends after you’ve turned 40.
It’s not that I just want to make more friends. I’m hoping that I’ll end up having a family that’s akin to “Seven Samurai” left in the end.

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. this is very easy to understand, i have got two very close friends and i can see what GACKT means about how important they are, but i will always try to be kind to people and make new friends too, after all there is nothing wrong with having lots of friends right?? ^_^

  2. So true! Freindship needs time and effort…and its worth it! G ur so wise lol

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